Adoption Journey

“Now I know it is sweet and uniquely precious to have children by birth, and that if you can’t, you look sometimes to adoption, so then it can feel like this is Plan B. God did not save you that way. He didn’t say, ‘Now, Plan A is to have lots of kids this way. But they blew that in the garden. So, Plan B, I’ll have to save them from slavery by adoption.’ That’s exactly not what happened. … His Plan A was, ‘I will save them at the cost of my Son that they might understand how much I love them.’ Which means, for our own experience, that we should think in terms of two uniquely precious realities. One is having children by birth. It’s unique; nothing is like it. And having children by adoption is unique; nothing is like it. You don’t need to weigh these off against each other as though one is better or worse. There are unique things that are precious and beautiful about [each]. God uses both terminology to describe how we become his children. We can think of both. And if we are moving toward adoption as our first choice or our second choice, they don’t need to be ranked like one is better or one is worse than the other. God is able to give you the grace to embrace adoption as equal to Plan A. Even if it wasn’t sequentially Plan A, it can now rank as a Plan A, equal to Plan A.” (my emphasis added) -- John Piper

04.25.11: Stopped Fertility Treatments
Began earnestly researching domestic infant adoption options
07.13.11: Officially waiting! Signed contract with adoption attorney
07.25.11: Gave adoption profiles to attorney
08.03.11: Began homestudy
  • Paperwork (8/10/11)
  • Autobiographies (8/10/11)
  • Physical (8/10/11)
  • Employment verifications (8/5/11)
  • Fingerprinting (8/10/11)
  • Driving records (8/5/11)
  • Copies of ID's, marriage license, and car insurance (8/10/11) 
  • 4 personal references (8/10/11)
  • Social Worker visit #1 (9/6/11)
  • Social worker visit #2 (9/13/11)
  • Received rough draft of homestudy report (10/10/11)
10.13.11: Discovered I am miraculously pregnant - put adoption plans on hold