Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Hello out there...

Long time no post, huh? Starting work (only a few hours but its tough to get it all done + a baby who doesn't nap for long = not much free time at the computer.

*James is a happy and active little guy! He is rolling both ways and is just starting to get mobile with his rolling. I started him on oatmeal a couple days ago and he loves it! I think he's going to love solids. He recently starting liking stroller rides (finally - whew!) and can tolerate car rides a little more. He loves laughing with dad, stories and songs, and playing with his feet.

*Amazingly (and surprisingly) after struggling with low supply and slow weight gain, I am exclusively breast feeding again! I'm not sure how things changed but James gained a ton of weight with the formula supplements (thank you formula!) but then he stopped needing and wanting it, and he gained a great amount of weight on my milk alone this past month.

*Sleep is a challenge. It's usually not terrible (1-2 wakings but sometimes more) but its quite an ordeal to get him to sleep still. I know it's controversial but we will probably need to do some kind of sleep training after we get back from thanksgiving - for his well being to get the sleep he needs, for our sanity, and so that we could leave him with a family member or babysitter occasionally (nobody else could get him to sleep)...

*A few pictures of my boy! Love him so much!