Monday, September 24, 2012


I follow some blog friends on Instagram and have enjoyed it, so thought I would invite you to follow me if you'd like. It's mostly pictures of James of course! My username is hillarycharlotte :)

My boy celebrating the first day of fall:

Thursday, September 13, 2012

{3 months}

James, you are three months old!

 By the numbers: 3 months old. Weight: 12 lbs. 10 ozs. Length: 24"?. 7-8 feedings per day. 0-4 night wakings (this month saw the extremes in your sleeping!). Size 2 diapers. Size 0-3 month clothes (although you can't straighten your legs in the 0-3 sleepers any more so we need to go up a size in those now!)

For his dad who is a computer progammer :) This is also the only baby item I bought while trying to conceive/ doing fertility treatments!
This month has been such a delight! You smile often and have so much expression on your sweet face. You are also "talking" up a storm and coming up with new coos and gurgle frequently. Lately your favorite sound has been to use the saliva in the back of your throat and and make a "k" sound that gurgles. You have gained more awareness of toys and love batting at them as they dangle in front of you or above you, pulling them to your mouth, and beginning to grasp them. You have even started talking and smiling at the toys!

One of my favorite things this month has been seeing you start to enjoy story time. Last month you really didn't pay attention to the books we read to you, but then you started watching our faces as we read and seemed to enjoy that. Now you love looking at the books and hearing our voices read, and you smile, coo, and gurgle throughout the story. I love it!!

Sleeping has been all over the place! You started the month as you had been the month prior and typically slept 4-5 hours straight with 1-2 night wakings. And then, amazingly, you slept 8-9 hours for almost a whole week! Oh my! The first couple nights you did this I woke up around when you normally do and had to check on you. But, alas, the last week of the month you suddenly started waking every 2-3 hours again to eat and sometimes woke yourself up after eating, too. I keep hoping it's a growth spurt and your longer stretches will return but we will see. No matter how much you keep me up at night, when I see your sweet smile in the morning I tell you it's worth it! :)

Your bedtime routine is simple: bath, eat, book, white noise/ swaddle, bed! Naptime is the same minus the bath. You LOVE the bath, and your dad almost always gives you your bath and it is a fun time for both of you. You are clearly starting to understand that this is your special routine and are happy throughout....until it's actually time to bounce you to sleep. Then you often let out a few cries (we think you are just transitioning to sleep mode and need to cry a little), but we bounce you and you typically go to sleep easier than the last couple months.

By the end of the month you have fallen into a bit of a nap rhythm. About an hour after you wake up you go down for your first nap, which is only usually about 45 minutes. You then have your longest wake time (1.5-2 hours), and then sleep 2-3 hours. You usually take another two 45 minutes naps throughout the afternoon, and typically go to bed between 7:00-8:00. Of course there are many variable and this isn't how it always is, but it has been fun the have a little more "normalcy" to our days.

This month started out a little stressfully as we tried to figure out why you were unhappy while eating. I started pumping and giving you extra milk after nursing and you were finally satisfied. I'm sorry you were hungry, sweet boy! I worked to increase my milk supply for two weeks and continued giving you extra milk, but my supply never seemed to change (or you always wanted more!) so we started supplementing with formula sometimes, too. Now that your tummy is full and you are gaining weight (3 pounds this month!) you are clearly a much happier boy. I was worried that you might start to prefer the bottle to me, or that my supply would get worse by using some formula, but instead I am so thankful that you have become a happy nurser again. 

This month you began lifting your head while on your tummy! At first you didn't really like being on your stomach, but we laid you on our chests and you lifted up your head. You also started rolling from your tummy to your back. You love to kick, kick, kick your legs and I think you are going to be an active little guy in a few months.

You put your little feet into the ocean for the first time this month! You didn't get upset so we assumed you liked it. :)

James, you are a sweet boy and a gift from God! I love watching your little personality emerge and am thankful to be your mom.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Updates and random thoughts

* Thanks for your encouragement and suggestions on my last few posts. Weeks 8-10 were ROUGH. Not necessarily more difficult than those early weeks - I was usually getting more sleep at least - but I think I had just thought things SHOULD have been easier by then, and when they weren't I hit a wall. Plus it just seemed like new issues kept coming up... what a roller coaster!

* Breastfeeding. Whew. I didn't really think we were having problems and then suddenly it was a major problem. J went from occasionally fussing at the b.reast to screaming during almost every feeding (just not the middle of the night or early morning ones). He even refused to nurse a couple times. :( I worked with a lactation consultant who thought all things pointed to lower supply (especially factoring in the slow weight gain). I pumped after every feeding for 10 days and fed him what I pumped to supplement his nursing sessions. But I never saw much of an increase, and the amount he wanted after nursing was more than I could keep up with, so about two weeks ago we supplemented with formula. Supplementing (with br.east milk or formula) has made J gain a ton of weight and he is a much happier guy! He has learned that he WILL get full, so he doesn't freak out as much while nursing (although it's still a little hit or miss, but much better).

* Of course, getting to the point of introducing formula was very emotional. The whole situation was a huge stress, and I was so scared that once we did that my supply would drop even more and it would be the beginning of the end of Breastfeeding. I can't tell you how many tears I shed. But now that we crossed that line and J is doing so much better, I feel like I e been able to let go a little. I'm taking it one day at a time, trying to pump when I can, and not thinking about all the what-ifs. He gets 4-8ozs of formula per day depending on how much I can pump.

* Like I mentioned above, James has been a happier guy lately. Probable because his little tummy is nice and full, but I also think he is just growing by leaps and bounds and transitioning from newborn to infant. Last week (he was 11 weeks) was an absolute delight and I started to feel like we might be able to do this, haha! He even slept 8-9 hour stretches most nights!

* This week (12 weeks) has not been as great. He seems to be regressing - more difficult to get to sleep and lots of night wakings. We are trying to be patient and just know that babies are constantly changing, but it's almost harder after last week was so amazing

* At what point do I just bite the bullet and buy some jeans in a bigger size?! I confess I am still wearing my maternity ones although I am do ready to be done with them. I have 9 lbs. until I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight, but my body is just so different! I actually can squeeze into my old jeans, but they are low rise, which both shows my crack now and gives me a muffin top - yikes.

* I have a recurring nightmare that I brought James into our bed in the middle of the night and have lost him! The ironic part is that he had only slept in our bed once for part of a night out of desperation, but we don't co-sleep. Yet I constantly have this dream. My husband said I even woke him up the other night and asked him where James was. When he told me he's in his room, I was confused and thought he was in our bed. Ha!

* James seems to be loosely falling into a napping/ sleeping pattern. I had thought I might be a mom who scheduled a little more, but that idea was long gone as I struggled through those early weeks.

And a few cute pictures of my sweet boy!