Monday, August 27, 2012

{2 months}

(I need to post this before he turns 3 months - oops!)

James, you are two months old!

By the numbers: 2 months old. Weight: 9 lbs. 12 ozs. Length: 22". 8-9 feedings per day. 2-3 night wakings (you often sleep from 10pm to 3am, but not every night). Size 1 diapers. Size 0-3 month clothes.

You started smiling this month!! Seeing your face light up with a smile in response to ours has brought us so much joy. You have such a wide, joyful smile and your eyes are full of expression! This has been a gift, because this month has also been quite challenging. You are gaining weight but not as much as we would like, and by the end of the month you seemed unhappy while eating. We aren't sure if you have acid reflux, I don't have enough milk, or if it's normal "newborn fussiness," but it has been rough seeing you like this more than we would like (we are working on hopefully fixing whatever it is!):

You are still in need a lot of help to go sleep, but it has been taking a little less time to help you drift off to dream land. Once you do fall asleep you have given us a few almost 6 hour stretches of sleep, but go 4-5 hours pretty regularly which is wonderful for me, of course. You still love to be swaddled (with two blankets, actually, since you can maneuver your strong little arms out of just one!), listen to white noise, and be bounced to sleep. This month we transitioned you out of our room into your own room and crib! We were of course nervous you may not like the transition, but you have slept quite well in your crib. And thankfully I can hear you very easily from our room only a few steps away! :)

Your alertness and activity levels have grown tremendously this month! You continue to amaze me with your alert curiosity at everything around you. You love looking out the windows of the car while driving and staring at everything around the house as we carry over our shoulders. You have gained a love for your "busy bee" and ladybug dangling toys that we hang from your car seat or bouncer, and you swing your arms with more strength and accuracy than I would have expected! You also love to lay on your activity mat and bat at the toys there, too.

You also love to "talk," and in my opinion this is your favorite activity that brings the most smiles to your face. You love it when mom, dad, grandma, or grandpa make eye contact with you and talk, sing, or make sounds, and you make sounds back. In fact, you mimic us. You will also copy us when we stick out our tongue. Your coos are adorable and you are making new sounds all the time.

You had your first shots this month. You surprised me and even the nurse at how much you actually enjoyed eating the oral tylenol and oral vaccine - you slurped it up quite happily. I wonder if you are going to love all the flavors that come with eating solids?! However, you of course did not like the actual shots and let out a scream of pain that I had never heard before and made me shed a few tears with you. Thankfully you fell asleep in my arms within a couple minutes (perhaps the trauma wore you out!) and suffered no side effects afterwards.

We love you, James, and can't tell you enough what a gift you are from God!


Joyce said...

Oh my he is so precious! What beautiful blue eyes :) Sounds like you're doing a fabulous job momma! I hope the feeding issue gets easier very soon.

Meg said...

I just adore these photos you share with us!

Jennifer said...

What a cutie!

My little one also weighted 9 lb 12 oz at 2 months old.

Sarah said...

That swaddle pic is just precious!

Carrie said...

I swear, besides my baby boy, your baby boy is the cutest baby I have ever seen!!

KC said...

Holy cow, he is so adorable. I am impressed that you have had a couple of 6 hour stretches. My boys didn't do that until 14 weeks. Sounds like a busy little peanut if he can get out of a swaddle already. I love those swaddle blankets with the velcro, they were a lifesaver for us. Hopefully his possible reflux gets better soon. I am praying that those fussy times go away soon!Take Care

Rach said...

When the post popped up I was thinking ONLY 2 Months? Seems longer than that. Then I read the first sentence and laughed.

He is just adorable

Jessica R said...

He is so beautiful. You are doing a GREAT job. I know those early months are difficult, but treasure them, treasure every moment. DD just turned one and runs away from me and is trying to wean when I'm not ready. He won't be that little cuddle bug forever :) so soak it all up!

:- ) said...

He is one of the cutest babies I have ever saw :-) God truly has blessed you. Enjoy every second of it. I know my time is coming soon :-)

Anonymous said...

First - He is Adorable!!
Second - I want you to know ( from a mom who breast fed her babies ( 3 ) exclusively for 4 month..meaning, I did not give the anything but breast milk during that time...when I did introduce rice cereal...they we sooo much more content, slept so much better, were so much less fussy etc. I have to conclude that they might have been hungry. I too worried I was not giving them enough!
All of this to say..that if they are sucking down the medicine ( he might just be hungry )...You are breast feeding..the very best thing you can do...but don't feel so guilty if you introduce a bottle of formula - he is getting the benefits of breast milk - and giving him a bottle might help him sleep better at night..just a thought!! You are doing great job!
No matter what - God is watching over all of you and I am sure you will be fine..but don't feel bad if you give him a bottle of formula before bedtime. Often how fast the drink it is an indicator of how hungry they are...and if he sucked down the medicine like you might be a indication of his hunger..Hang in there..soon he will be eating solid food and this will all be a distant memory!! You are a great MOM!!

Melody said...

He is so sweet, Hillary. What a precious gift from God. Love his long little legs....I'm thinking he might be a basketball player. I sound like a great grandma or something. Yikes, that was scary. Sorry. I won't try to predict your son's future anymore. Ha!