Monday, July 9, 2012

{one month}

James, in just one month, you grew so much! Here you are as a brand new baby at the hospital:

And at home:

By the numbers: 1 month old. Weight: 8 lbs. 12 ozs. Length: 20.75" at your 2 week appointment. 8-9 feedings per day. 2-3 night wakings. Size newborn diapers (although we are almost out of those and are about to move you up!). size newborn or 0-3 month clothes (we don't have many newborn clothes so most things are a little big on you).

What a joy it has been to get to know your sweet little personality this month! Your dad took almost your whole first month off of work and we tried to cherish every moment we had with you as we learned to be parents. There has definitely been a learning curve, and I am just now starting to feel like I know your patterns and cries. You love to eat, and do so for quite a long time (usually 45 minutes per nursing session). At first you were not gaining weight, so feeding you was a little stressful and structured because I wanted to make sure you were growing and healthy. At two weeks you still weighed what you did leaving the hospital, but you gained 6 ounces in your third week and 12 ounces in the next 10 days! Now I can feed you when you're hungry and it is much more enjoyable for both of us.

Once you are asleep you are quite a good little sleeper, but your dad and I always have to help you get there - you almost never just fall asleep, even driving in the car! We learned that you love to be swaddled, bounced on an exercise ball, and hear white noise to fall asleep. Actually, the place you love to sleep the very most is on our chests, but understandably we can't do that for every nap. But we will miss that when you are older and want to move around (and mom and dad have to teach you to sleep independently of us). Another place you love to sleep is in my wrap carrier. This is what I wear you in during church, and you have slept through most church services peacefully in there. It reminds me of when you were in my belly and I would sing worship songs at church and think about you hearing that - and now you are hearing it from the outside! Thanks to the carrier we have also gone out to dinner a few times, since initially we tried leaving you asleep in your carseat but you always woke up.

You have quite a hearty cry! I didn't realize this until I was in a room full of other moms and babies around the same age, and I noticed how quiet their cries were. A few moms even commented on how loud you were. You always fuss before falling asleep, and you wake up crying to eat, but generally you don't seem to cry much otherwise. It is amazing to be your mom and learn why you are crying, and you are easy to pacify with sleep or food.

You are a beautiful boy! Your dad and I can just look at you for hours on end. It was so fun having your dad home with me this month because every time you made a cute face we could call each other over to come admire you. We always tell you that you are the cutest baby in the whole world! Of course we are a little biased. :) You have changed so much in your first month already! You actually look bigger as a newborn than you do now because your face was much rounder and you looked chubbier, but now you have thinned out and your face has more definition.

You love to stare at us, and we love to stare back! By the end of the month I think you have even been following our faces with your eyes if we move. You are a very alert baby and always want to take in the world around you, which is why I think you fuss when you need to go to sleep - you would rather be awake looking around. You like to look at dangling toys, and in this last week have even batted at the toys. You have also started to grasp - my hair, the edge of my shirt, even a toy - although you can't hold onto anything yet. You have also gotten better at keeping the pacifier in your mouth. Your legs are strong, and you are holding up your head for a bit when I burp you on my shoulder.

I look forward to seeing how you continue to grow and develop next month!


Jessica R said...

So beautifully written! I love reading your updates about being a MOMMY!!! I know those first few months are kind of crazy, and there are really high highs and really low lows, but just keep putting one foot in front of the other. I always told myself that I'd rather be unshowered, going on six hours having to pee AND really thirsty, exhausted, and covered in spit-up than where I was a year before that.

I know that every baby is cute, but James really is an extra cute baby. I love his sweet little face and those precious expressions! He is absolutely adorable. So, so happy for you!

Liz said...

What a little sweetheart!

Mellow said...

He is beautiful! So happy for you!

Carrie said...

James is definitely a CUTIE! He has such a baby face...seriously one of the cutest baby boys I have ever seen! You mentioned in one of your earlier posts that he breaks out of his swaddle sometimes. Have you heard of the Woombie or Swaddle Pod? You can get both at Babies R Us. It's like a little cocoon and just zips up. It's really nice not to have to mess with tucking and folding....just zip him up! We used that for Pearce for a long time.

andreajennine said...

This is wonderful! You'll be so glad for these posts when all the memories of rapidly changing infancy pass. I still go back to my monthly updates on my firstborn regularly!

Andrea said...

What a precious sight! Truly God's gift...thank you for sharing him with us :) I'm so very happy for you!!!!