Friday, July 6, 2012

4th of July baby

It was quite exciting to celebrate our first holiday with James! Before I had him I actually got a flag onesie from
Old Navy in anticipation of the big day.

We drove to LA (a 2 hour drive) to spend a night and part of the holiday with each of our families, so it was also our first car trip and overnight away.

The car trip was a bit of a fail. I had intended to leave around 11:00am, but after a night with less sleep than usual I laid down for a quick nap at 8:30am while my husband had the baby. I was shocked to wake up 2 hours later (no hungry or crying baby had woken me)- so much for leaving at 11! Then after a 45-minute feeding, eating a quick lunch, packing baby stuff,another long feeding, showering/ getting ready, packing myself, and doing one final feeding, we didn't leave until 2:45... And we knew we would end up going through LA traffic. Instead of 2 hours, it took us 4.5 with traffic and a 1 hour stop to nurse. Whew.

The next morning was the 4th of July. We had a successful night where James woke up to eat but went back to sleep easily between feelings. However, he was pretty cranky and extra hungry that morning, so of course as my family arrived he was either nursing or fussing. Everybody wanted to hold him but nobody really did. I got really stressed out wanting him to be "happy" for everyone, and when my grandma kept insisting he has colic I almost lost it. He really does not normally fuss much!!

We made it out of there and I felt like it was such a failure! Ironically, we went to my in laws afterwards for a party, and wouldn't you know he was an angel baby there! Everybody kept commenting in it. Ha!

Here is our boy on his first holiday:


Rach said...

Such fun. First holiday, wow!! I love seeing all his pictures. I wasn't sure if you'd share any, since you usually do not post pictures.

Meg said...

Sharing a newborn with others was never fun for me. Everyone feels as if they need to give you advice. I'm glad you're back home and comfortable! said...

My kids did not want to be held by anyone other than me for the first few months (Apart from a few days old). Everyone got over it and I'd rather have a calm baby than please people. :)

I'm glad you got some rest in the morning though. I do not miss driving through LA at all!

KC said...

He is so cute! I can totally relate I get stressed when my babies aren't on for guests. It feels like pressure especially if people comment. My family always says they don't hear the crying and it doesn't bother them but I can't shake worrying about it! Anyways good for you for going and it is probably better having the in-laws think he is an angel.

Melissa G said...

Girl, with a three week old baby you should be proud of getting out of the house period! Don't be so hard on our self about being on time, you're on James' schedule now. :) But I so know how you feel...

LOVE that picture. He's so precious!