Monday, July 9, 2012

{4 weeks}

* I only cried ONCE this week!! And it was the sentimental kind if crying as my husband and I reflected on these last 4 weeks. He has been home with me the whole time but is back at work this week. I know I am SO blessed to have had this! He had started saving up PTO when we were adopting because we didn't know when we would bring home a baby... and we just haven't taken a vacation in awhile. Anyway, I know we will always cherish this time together as a family if 3 and I got emotional - much different than the melt downs of previous weeks.

* As I mentioned in my previous post, we successfully celebrated James' first holiday and overnight away from home for 4th of July celebrations with family.

* This week he starting grabbing onto things a little - the edge of my shirt, the edge of the changing pad, etc. he can't grasp a toy or anything, but this was certainly a small milestone.

* I think he is a strong boy! I've always thought so but didn't know if it was true because I had nothing to compare it to, but when he kicks or stretches out his limbs it just feels like he is pushing hard. Today a friend with 3 kids commented in it and I felt like it was confirmation.

* We had our first diaper blow out at grandma's :)

* We have discovered an amazing combination of things to put James to sleep: swaddle, bouncing on an exercise ball, and white noise (I use an app on my phone). Often this will put him asleep really fast, but even if he is worked up and wide awake this usually works. The only problems are: 1. I am not very good at the swaddle, which could be difficult when my husband goes back to work and 2. He seemed harder to put down - we would get him to sleep but he would wake when we set him down or a few minutes afterwards.

PS - A few readers have asked questions that I'll answer here.

1. The swaddle blankets seen in a lot of pictures are the Aden + Anais in "Liam the Brave." They are muslin, lightweight, and large which has been perfect for our summer baby. They are stretchy and he busts out of them as a swaddle, but we have found them to be nice for daytime swaddles when we don't need him to sleep as long. And they are perfect blankets to drape over him in the car seat, block the sun from his eyes, etc.

2. Somebody asked if I took a birth class for pain management (ie Bradley) and I did not - my pain management plan was the epidural. :) Sorry I'm no help there!

3. I have loved posting pictures of James for you all! It's ironic because most people go more private after their baby arrives, but for now posting pictures of our little guy still allows us anonymity. My husband does not want to be identified through the blog (ie his co-worker stumbles across it), so I don't name him or post his picture. Likewise, I don't post my picture because most people who know him know me. However, for now, I don't think people would figure out who he is from the baby pictures. I am considering starting a private blog so I can post pictures even more freely, but we'll see (and I'll let you know if I do!).


Hillary said...

It sounds like you are well on your way with the white noise and swaddling, but I highly highly highly recommend watching the DVD Happiest Baby on the Block. My husband is a pediatrician and I'm a pediatric RN and we both thought it was incredibly helpful (and he demonstrates crazy good swaddling technique!). Oh, and we swear by swaddle designs blankets for swaddling and there website also has a demo.

Congrats again!

Meg said...

Each week J looks so different than the week before! I love his little face peeking out of the swaddle!

Lory said...

He is so handsome and alert. Swaddles were a lifesaver with my daughter. And my husband swaddles a lot better than I do too.

Lory said...

He looks so big and alert. The swaddles were a lifesaver for us and my husband swaddles a lot better than I can to :)

Jessica R said...

Agree about Happiest Baby! I regret waiting so long to watch it.

That first picture kills me. I just want to pick him up and snuggle him! I miss those newborn days SO MUCH.

He is altogether TOO cute, Hillary! What a perfect face.

CorinnaVN said...

I was also going to suggest reading or watching "The Happiest Baby on the Block." It's a wonderful resource for giving techniques for settling babies and it works wonders for both of our girls. I see a couple of people have already recommended it. :)

James is adorable!!!! It's great getting to read your updates and see pictures of him!