Friday, May 25, 2012

{37 weeks}

37 weeks

37 weeks - I can't tell by looking that I dropped?
36 weeks
Size of baby: swiss chard (approx. 19.25" and 6.3 lbs.)

Total Weight Gain: +33 lbs
Continuing symptoms: slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long, acid reflux, aches, pains, and discomforts (especially while sleeping), infrequent but increasing Braxton hicks (still not too many this week though), charlie horse leg cramps at night, really tired, frequent urination, stretch marks, snoring, skin tags
New symptoms this week: Since he's dropped I do feel like my belly touches my lap when I lean forward :) I also generally feel HOT.
Maternity Clothes: I literally alternated between my two maxi dresses this week!

Sleep: Not too bad this week.When I wake up to go to the bathroom or anything, I feel like an old lady because I am so stiff and it is a challenge to get out of bed!
What I'm Eating: My appetite feels relatively normal.
Cravings: Snack size McFlurry's from McDonalds
Movement: His movements are less punches and kicks and more like he is stretching out which presses out on my belly - like he's trying to bust out of there through my skin.

Special pregnancy moments:  Full term!!!! This boy can come any time now, whoo-hoo!

Not exactly pregnancy related, but we finished up with our youth group kids this week. We have been with them since they were going to into seventh grade, and they are graduating high school in two weeks! So we had our last small groups, youth Sunday at church, and the senior dinner over the last week, and it was a very special and bittersweet time. I am so thankful and excited that as we end that phase of our lives, we will be transitioning to a new season of parenthood!

I have also been getting a lot of interesting comments from strangers and people at church. One lady insisted I was having twins and another said I was so big she thought I was due any day. One friend said she is sure I won't make it to my due date, while another had us make dinner plans for 5 days before my due date because "of course you'll go past your due date." Haha! Obviously we told her we'll be at the dinner as long as we're not having a baby...

Counting down: 0 weeks until full term (!!), 3 weeks until my due date, and 5 weeks (at most) until this boy is in my arms!


AL said...

omg! how have I missed that you're pregnant/?!?!?


Liz said...

As always, you look great! And no, you dn't look like you are having twins. I think you have dropped. Baby boy is getting himself ready. How exciting for you & your husband!

Carrie said...

I can tell he dropped...and got a little bigger! I think you should do a pregnancy progression from your first picture to now because you have the CUTEST baby bump!! God job making it to 37 weeks!!

jeanna said...

OH yes you have dropped!! Look at the angle of your belly at the top under your boob. In the left shot it is higher and in the right it is way more sloped and lower! EXCITING!!!!

Meg said...

Yeah, I thought immediately when I saw the second picture that he had dropped. I wish I had taken week-by-week pictures. You'll be so thankful that you did!

Amber said...

You look fantastic! I always love looking at your bump photos because you are too adorable. And you prove the point that people make crazy comments to everyone about being too big or not making it to their due date, because you look perfect. :)

Becca said...

One of the first things I thought to myself when I looked at the top pic was "whoa!.. She dropped!" haha.. If you look at spacing between your bb's and your belly in last weeks picture, and then this weeks pic.. You can tell that he dropped! I think the previous commenter had a great idea about posting a belly progression from beginning till now! That would be so cool!! : )

You're almost there now!

A said...

you're so close!! praying that your labor is smooth and healthy!!! isn't it surreal to be at this point after having pretty much resigned that you would never get to be pregnant? i felt that way, and it made preparing to meet our little girl even more amazing!

Melissa G said...

Just seeing the title to your post made me smile so big.

I know physically the last few weeks are pretty tough, hang in there. I was hot all the time too. I wore capri's and flip flops every day right up to when I delivered - three days before Christmas!

So ridiculously excited for you!!!

Anonymous said...

I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this will likely be my very first comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks

Life Happens said...

Can't wait for baby to make his long awaited arrival!!!

Mellow said...

Want you to know, I am praying for you and the upcoming days. May you be blessed throughout the entire process of bringing your sweet boy home. I am beyond thrilled for you! :)