Friday, May 18, 2012

{36 weeks}

36 weeks

36 weeks - my favorite dress that I am wearing most days

Size of baby: crenshaw melon (approx. 18.75" and 5.75 lbs.)

Total Weight Gain: +33 lbs
Continuing symptoms: slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long, acid reflux, aches, pains, and discomforts (especially while sleeping), infrequent but increasing Braxton hicks (still not too many this week though), charlie horse leg cramps at night, really tired, frequent urination, stretch marks, snoring, skin tags
New symptoms this week: Well I thought I just had a small patch of stretch marks on my side. Turns out the whole underside of my belly is covered in them and I just couldn't see it! At least my view of my belly still looks clear, haha.
Maternity Clothes: It is nice and warm these days, and even if it's not very warm sometimes my body temperature seems to be running hot, so I am living in two maxi dresses. One is pictured above and I LOVE it and actually feel pretty in it. :) It is comfortable and non-maternity (I just got it a little bigger), so hopefully I can wear it post-baby, too.

Sleep: Not too bad this week. Only one night with a little acid reflux and another with a touch of insomnia. I do wake up very stiff and sore though.
What I'm Eating: My appetite feels relatively normal.
Cravings: Still loving ice cream but trying not to over indulge :)
Movement: I continue to feel him mostly under my right rib and left side. However, sometimes the movements feel like they are in a totally different place, and the hiccups seem to be all over! So I have no idea how he is positioned.

Special pregnancy moments: I am getting so excited to meet this little one! I always have heard pregnant women talk about being so ready to being done being pregnant, and in all the years I was trying to get pregnant I always thought I would want to be pregnant as long as possible to cherish every moment. I do feel like I have enjoyed being pregnant, but I think I am ready to be done just so I can meet this boy I have been so eagerly anticipating!!! (The end of the pregnancy discomforts will be nice, too, but that is very secondary).

The baby still feels very high and I keep waiting to "drop." Did anybody drop later with their first baby? (I know it's still not very "late" in terms of dropping...) I'm also rather paranoid about his position and hope he is not breech or facing the wrong way. I am really looking forward to my OB appointment on Monday - I think the 36 week one is a little more in depth and I might get an ultrasound!

Counting down: 1 week until full term, 4 weeks until my due date, and 6 weeks (at most) until this boy is in my arms!


Carrie said...

You look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Love, love, LOVE that dress! You just look absolutely amazing. The end is near!! I felt the same way....I loved being pregnant and everything about being pregnant, but as the end grew near I just got so excited and could hardly wait to meet my baby! I had a scheduled c-section at 39 weeks and I never felt like the baby dropped. Since it was a c-section, I don't know if he really did drop or anything, but I just never felt it.

Randiocoy said...

You really do look great! I hope to one day be at that point! I loved watching your belly grow. I am an infertile myself, and it gives me inspiration! Great blog!

Erin said...

I dropped at 37 weeks-- felt like i was walking about with a watermelon between my legs and then went into labor at 38 weeks. Good luck to you!! (that was with my first pregnancy!)

Jennifer said...

I don't think my baby ever dropped. Or if she did, I couldn't tell. She came 2 weeks early, if that matters.

jeanna said...

I haven't commented in a while. You look beautiful! Love that dress!! Who cares if you wear it everyday! I am so excited for you I can't wait to hear little man is here!

Tami said...

My little guy never dropped. I ended up with a c section. I love that dress! So pretty! Cherish every second of these last weeks. I look at pictures of my belly and I miss it SO much!!! Also enjoy all the snuggle you can when he is here. My little guy is just over 4.5 months and already is getting more independent. It goes SO fast! :) So happy for you!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, that is a gorgeous dress! You look beautiful in it.

I dropped around 38 was obvious in both the photos and in my ability to breathe! It really made things a lot more pleasant.

Melissa G said...

Ugh, I didn't get stretchmarks until the very end either... And they were all under my belly too!

I never really dropped. Not noticeably anyway. We have one tall dresser in our bedroom and there was one knob that hit the top of my belly in a certain spot and I checked it just about everyday in the last three weeks of my pregnancy. Never saw a difference.

SO Excited for you!!

The Swann's said...

I absolutely LOVE that dress!!! Do tell where you got it from!!! :-)

I dropped a little bit, aka, head was engaged, at 36 weeks and at 37 weeks I started Evening Primrose Oil supplements and labor started spontaneously at 38w 1d though she arrived two days later! :-)

I can't believe how much your belly has grown over the last month since I was last able to check blogs!!! And 36 weeks! EEK!!! You're sooooooo close! I loved every moment of pregnancy... Even throwing up, daily. :-) Infertility will do that to ya!

Mellow said...

You look beautiful! I am super excited for you to meet your sweet boy. It makes my heart happy to see you happily expecting your miracle. :)

Jessica R said...

It's getting close! Any chance you can do twice-weekly updates? I check your blog every day and if it has been a few days, I start to get anxious for you. I am praying for a smooth delivery and a big healthy (on time or late!) baby! Not long now!!!