Monday, April 23, 2012

OB appointment and bedrest

My 3 days of bedrest this weekend weren't too bad. However, laying down/ reclining in only a few positions when you are 32 weeks pregnant and achey is quite uncomfortable. My husband was amazing and not only fed me, refilled my water bottle, and kept me company but also did some major cleaning in our bedroom (he is way more thorough at cleaning than me although I do most of the day to day stuff)!

The Braxton Hicks seem to happen almost exclusively in the evening/ night time. Friday night I had some, but not more than 4 per hour and they were intermittent. Saturday night, however, they were around 10 minutes apart for most of the evening, but by the time we went to bed things had calmed down. At 4:00am I woke up and felt some really strong ones close together, so I took the medication prescribed (procardia) and went back to sleep. Sunday was another mellow day on the uterus front.

Saturday night stressed me out a little, because I have been resting and drinking so much that I felt like I had no explanation for the return of the contractions/ Braxton Hicks.

I had an OB appointment today, and she really reassured me that she sees no signs of pre-term labor. She said the nurse was just being overly cautious in her cervical check at the hospital, but she thinks my cervix is still really high and closed. The baby is also really high. She thinks my uterus is just more irritable, but that a fair amount of Braxton Hicks are normal at this stage of pregnancy.

That said, she does want me to stay home and lay down until I hit 34 weeks on May 5. Honestly I am not very clear about why since she seemed really certain that she wasn't concerned about pre-term labor. She said she is treating the symptom (Braxton Hicks) but not treating pre-term labor. She also said she wants to be extra safe and not put pressure on my cervix until 34 weeks.

May 5 is only 12 days away, and we don't have too much planned that I'll have to miss out on. She did say we could go to our birth class (yay!), and I can work from home while lying down. Obviously I will do anything for this little guy and this is pretty minor.

Baby boy's heartbeat sounded good and he is head down - I hope that means he will stay there now! :)


Becca said...

I, too, had lots and lots of BH contractions for the last couple months of my pregnancy.. My belly would get sooooo tight and then release over and over all throughout the day! I went into labor at 38w5d and my little man was completely fine. I am the only person out of all of my sisters who went into labor early. The rest of them have always been past-term. So I DO think that you will probably go before your due date. But, I think it will be no sooner than when you hit full term at 37 weeks. The BH contractions are very very slowly getting your uterus ready to go into real labor... But it's such a slooooow process. You will be fine!! Just take it easy! That's what I did!! Hang in there. Xoxo

Liz said...

It sounds like you got a good report at the doctor. Thinking of you.

Anonymous said...

I have commented a few times before, but I wanted to say that I could have written this same post during my pregnancy with my daughter :) I actually went to the hospital w/ctx at 32, just like you, was told my cervix was soft but high and closed but dimpling, and put on modified bedrest until 36 weeks. I was also told I had an irritable uterus, and I would have ctx anytime I stood up and did anything! However, she stayed in until 37 weeks 5 days, almost 2 weeks after I got off bedrest. Just wanted to give encouragement that I understand what you are going through, that I will be praying for you, and that everything will be ok! :)

~Hannah in CA

Anonymous said...

De-lurking to give you some more reassurance :) I'm due the same day as you - this is my third pregnancy and I've had TONS of BH contractions with all of them. I was on bedrest with my first, but didn't deliver until over 38 weeks. Same story with number two, but no bedrest. It sounds like you're doing great and will probably go full-term! For me, the upside was really easy deliveries - I think all the contracting and irritability makes for a really in-shape uterus ;)

Anonymous said...

I am also delurking to share my story with you! When I was pregnant with my daughter I started getting BH around 29 weeks. They were consistent and regular, just like yours. I could time them coming every 10 minutes. It was so frustrating because no one I knew had had these issues and I was constantly worried about PTL. I also went in to get checked and had my cervical length measured and all was fine, but the BH just kept coming and coming.

I ended up going into labor (my water broke first!) the day before my due date :) I thought that maybe all that contracting would make it a speedy labor and effortless pushing, but alas, it lasted about 15 hours, 4 of which were pushing (oh yes, 4 hours!).

So, just wanted to let you know that you and baby are probably just fine, but still take your OBs advice to take it easy. Hang in there :)

Rach said...

Hope your little boy stays nice and comfy. Enjoy the R&R!

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Rachel DeBell said...

So glad to hear things are still going ok. BTW my midwife told me that once baby's are head down, they rarely turn. She said its because the placenta is at the top and adds pressure, and they don't like the pressure weighing on their head. So once they turn down, they stay put! That was kind of reassuring to me.

Hgrace said...

..I have to agree with the above poster! I had tons of BH with both of my kids and I had really great deliveries :) Praying the same will be true for you!

~Hannah in CA