Friday, April 13, 2012

{31 weeks}

31 weeks
Size of baby: 3 navel oranges (approx. 16.25" and 3.3 lbs.)

Total Weight Gain: +25 lbs - not sure if this can be weight gain this week?! Maybe that will help me stay within my goal to gain 35 lbs. or less. I'm not obsessing over it but 25-35 lbs. is my recommended total gain. :)
Continuing symptoms: slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long, acid reflux, aches, pains, and discomforts (especially while sleeping), infrequent but increasing Braxton hicks, charlie horse leg cramps at night, really tired
New symptoms this week: Peeing more frequently. I remember that this was a common first trimester pregnancy symptom that I never really thought I had, although looking back I did get up to pee once per night most nights then. It just wasn't the 4 times per night I kept reading about. But then during the second trimester, most nights I went the whole night without getting up to pee! However, once the third trimester hit, I have been back to once per night, but it didn't become totally obvious until this week when I had a couple nights where I got up twice per night. I don't think I have ever done that before in my life! I also peed myself a little last night (more on that below...).
Maternity Clothes: I hate wearing a bra!!! Don't worry, I am still wearing one when I am out of the house, but I look forward to mellow evenings at home wear I can put my pajamas on and hang free. At first I thought it was a particular underwire bra, so I switched to a less structured type one but felt equally uncomfortable. I think my belly is just so high that any bra feels too tight and like it is digging into the upper part of my belly. Also, I love my pajamas. I have a large, super soft v-neck Am.erican Ap.parel t-shirt that I got for free at a random event a couple years ago but rarely wore, and a pair of jersey type pajama bottoms that I feel like I can't live without now. I actually just ordered two more pairs of the pajama bottoms because the thought of wearing any other pajamas these last few weeks makes me unhappy, and I want to have a pair or two to bring to the hospital. I also stole my husband's matching t-shirt that he got at the same event, although his is a bigger size....which I might need soon.

Sleep: Ok. Lots of tossing and turning. Occasional insomnia but not even remotely as bad as it was a few weeks ago. I have taken a couple naps during the afternoon and was shocked and how quickly and deeply I fell asleep. I must be tired.
What I'm Eating: I think I am eating less these days because getting full is uncomfortable. Still enjoying cereal and greek yogurt as snacks.
Cravings: Sweets
Movement: Two interesting things in the movement department. One is that I felt a discernible body part for the first time! I have no idea what body part it was, but as I placed my hand on my belly while he was moving I felt a hard spot. When I pressed on it it moved, and I realized it may have been his little foot or something! I may have been able to feel this earlier, but I never thought to try. Secondly, he has done some huge rolling type movements that almost hurt. One night I was sitting in bed and it felt like he rolled from about the half-way point of my belly moving down and landed hard on my bladder... which made me yelp! :)

Special pregnancy moments: I had another OB appointment this week, and she used the word "perfect" to describe how my pregnancy is progressing. I am so very thankful! I passed my gestational diabetes test and all is on track.

Our birth class continues to be a fun date night! We are both learning, especially my husband, and I do feel like the information alone is great preparation for the big day. Last week we went through the stages of labor, and practiced some different laboring positions (which again made my husband and I giggle as we did them together...). After we got home I started happy-crying because I am so thankful that we are attending birth classes. I never thought I would.

Last night, I took a shower and put my beloved pajamas on. I felt the urge to pee, so I went to the bathroom but really didn't have much pee. Afterwards, I squatted down to pull a bin out from under the bed, got something out, and pushed it back. As I walked out of the bedroom, I felt wetness and looked down to see a sizable wet spot on my pajamas. Did I just pee myself? But I just went to the bathroom! And I didn't feel anything - it was like it just appeared! I called my husband in to show him, and I think we both freaked out a little at the thought of what if that is some amniotic fluid leaking. I changed, and remembered that our instructor told us it will continue to happen if it is amniotic fluid. The night continued on without any more wet spots, so we were left to conclude that I somehow did pee myself...and were thankful to not be heading over to labor and delivery!

The incident did make me want to rush around and pack a hospital bag, though! That will be on next week's to-do list now. :)


Mellow said...

So glad to hear things are going so well! Sounds like your little guy is doing fantastic. Super happy for you!!

andreajennine said...

You're looking so cute! If you're anything like me, you have lots more peeing-yourself incidents ahead. I did that every time I sneezed or coughed in my 3rd trimester.

Melissa G said...

Ah yes, the bladder issues... I would highly recommend starting a Kegel routine. It will help a lot!

The happy crying - it doesn't go away. At least not for me. Almost every day I look at my daughter in sheer astonishment of the very fact that she is ours. And then I tear up. Even her laughing makes me cry, lol.

Can't believe you're 31 weeks already! You look fantastic!

Cassandra said...

After the 30 week mark I started wearing a panty liner because with every cough, laugh or sneeze there would always be some leakage. I hear ya about the bra discomfort but you may start to notice soon that if left unsupported you may leak a little. I started layering some sports bras, it was far more comfortable then the traditional bras.

kdactyl said...

Had to giggle on the "peeing yourself" incident...don't are now in a very large club of pregos who have done this :)
But...on the bra thing. I read that and I can sooooo relate to you on that point. I HATED wearing a bra almost from the was sooooo have a tip for you. Go to Motherhood maternity and get the sleep bra. It is like a really light weight sports bra that criss crosses in the front. It give you just enough support but also allows you to nurse baby easily once he is here. I ended up wearing these things pretty much 24/7 because the only thing worse than wearing a bra was not wearing one. I hated the feeling and the pinching of a bra...but I hated the skin on skin feeling of the bottom of the boobies on the belly just as much. This was my perfect solution. They are only about $14 each and I bought about 6...2 each of white, black and skin tone. I still wear them at night (17 months post partum and 9 months since last breast feeding)..because I like the gentle support they offer.
The other really great option are the nursing tanks with the built in bra. The ones at Motherhood did not have the clasps that I liked...I found my favorite ones at Target. Those ones are especially awesome after having baby because they are spandex, they hold your tummy tight and cover it so when you lift your shirt to nurse...your tummy is still covered. can sleep in those too.
So excited you are so near the end of the pregnancy and get to meet your beloved boy soon.

gringa78 said...

You look beautiful!! So happy to see your pregnancy progressing so wonderfully!!

Vicki said...

I hated my bra once I had a big belly as well. I had to switch to no underwires but, like the above commenter, I fell in love with the Motherhood Maternity sleep bras. I would highly recommend them!
I'm a lurker and so glad this pregnancy is going well for you - I hope these last few weeks will be just as good. Enjoy them!

:- ) said...

I am so excited for you! And so glad to hear everything is right on track!