Monday, March 26, 2012

OB appointment!

28 weeks 3 days - baby baby boy's face!

I had another wonderfully uneventful OB appointment today! It's so strange after years of infertility and getting bad news at appointments to now be the person who keeps hearing that everything is perfect and right on track. I am so incredibly thankful! Baby's heart beat was 139 bpm, and fluid, cervix, blood pressure, weight (+23 lbs by their measurements...), and fundal height (measuring at 29 weeks) all looked good.

Our boy was laying transverse (horizontal), which I had been so curious about. Who knows if he is flipping around all over the place, but I really haven't been able to guess what his position is so this satisfied my curiosity. I am not worried since he has a lot of time to get head down, and even if he were right now he could easily change positions again so it wouldn't matter anyway!

I was thrilled to get another ultrasound (just happened to land in the ultrasound exam room again...) and see our boy! He was playing with his feet which was so cute! The doctor printed out this picture of his face which isn't very clear, but I feel like his mouth and one cheek are more visible than I have seen before and look adorable to this mama. :) The doctor also commented that his legs looked long, which was fun to hear since my husband is 6'4"!

Later this week I go in for my gestational diabetes test and have a more advanced ultrasound (yay!) that they said is a routine "growth check." Next week we start our 6 week "prepared childbirth series" class, and I am now going in to the OB every two weeks. I have a feeling time is going to really start flying by!


Jem said...

Wow, that's a real baby in there! Amazing, miraculous!

:- ) said...

I am so excited for you! I can't wait for this special gift from God to arrive!

Brittany said...

I love ultrasounds! :) Glad to hear everything is going so well!!

Leah said...

So happy all is going well. :) You are getting so close. :)

Melissa G said...

very cool!

i want to say i was about 32-34 weeks along when i started to be able to feel what position the baby was in. i was able to feel a little hiney, a her feet!

Life Happens said...

Baby will be tall and handsome like his daddy?!

Good luck with the GD testing. :)

Life Happens said...

Looks like baby boy will be tall and handsome like daddy?!!

Good luck with your GD test!