Thursday, March 29, 2012

Growth scan ultrasound!

28 weeks 6 days

I got to see our boy twice in one week, how lucky am I?! :)

All looked well today. The only point of tiny concern is that I do have a fibroid, but all along I was told it is not in a bad spot and is rather small. The ultrasound tech said it is far from an issue, and the doctor didn't even comment on it when he came in to review the ultrasound.

Some really fun facts I learned today:

*Our boy is measuring at 3lbs. 6ozs. at 28 weeks 6 days! Which is amazing considering I was already born by this time and weighed 2lbs. 5ozs...

*He is in the 73rd percentile for size - a bigger boy but not particularly huge, I think :)

*This ultrasound tech said he had long arms and legs, too! I wonder if this will correlate to him being tall like his dad?

*He was head down today (but was transverse on Monday)! I know he will probably still flip around, but I just like knowing where he is in there.

*He has hair! I think I have always imagined having a bald baby since my husband and I are both blond (although when we were born, my brother and I had brown hair and my husband had reddish...). Anyway, she commented that she saw more hair than she normally does at this point in the pregnancy...I wonder how much he will have when he is born?!

So thankful that all looked well! I was shocked when they told me to come back in another 4 weeks for another scan. I asked if it was routine, and she said it is kind of routine but also because of the fibroid?! I LOVE getting to see our boy and have the ultrasounds, but I am also wondering if it's really necessary to drive the 45 minutes, wait almost an hour in the waiting room, and pay the copay when nothing really seems to be of concern. So I'm going to ask my OB what she thinks about me going back in 4 weeks. Other than that, I am one happy mama who is thanking God today! :)


Rach said...

What an adorable pic and great fun facts!

Becca said...

Awww look at that little nose! What a doll!! Do you have heartburn?? They say if you have heartburn it is because your baby has hair. Well.. I had it really bad in the final weeks and my baby boy came out with a whole MOP of black hair! Neither my husband or I have black hair. And now that he is 16 mths old.. It is dishwater blonde! So it will be interesting to see what kind of hair your son is born with. So fun!!!

God bless

Life Happens said...

What a cutie!!

andreajennine said...

Awesome! Babies who measure in the 75th percentile range are delightful (says a mom who just birthed one).