Friday, March 30, 2012

{29 weeks}

29 weeks
Size of baby: butternut squash (approx. 15" and 2.5 lbs. - although we were told he was almost 3.5 lbs. yesterday!)

Total Weight Gain: +24 lbs
Continuing symptoms: slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long, acid reflux, aches, pains, and discomforts (especially while sleeping), infrequent but increasing Braxton hicks
New symptoms this week: None
Maternity Clothes: Love wearing the pregnancy full panel jeans to ensure that my bare skinned belly doesn't pop out of any shirt. I've been folding the panel down most of the pregnancy but have just started to enjoy wearing it up.

Sleep: After 5 nights in a row on insomnia last week and the beginning of this week, it seems to have disappeared! Isn't that weird? I am so thankful to be pregnant that I don't want to complain, but by the fourth and fifth night I was feeling exhausted and pretty terrible operating on only 4-5 hours of sleep per night....and got freaked out about how to handle that with a newborn! That's going to be pretty challenging, huh? :)
What I'm Eating: Feeling pretty hungry, which is actually not that fun. A couple hours after dinner I sometimes get really hungry, but the idea of getting up from my comfy chair, making, and eating a snack doesn't appeal to me...but neither does feeling like I'm starving.
Cravings: Greek yogurt with strawberries and granola
Movement: Lots of movements that are feeling more like rolls and wiggles than direct punches and kicks (although I feel those, too). I've started doing kick counts at night, but I start them when I notice he's moving and get to ten movements really quickly.

Special pregnancy moments: Seeing our boy TWICE via ultrasound this week. :) Continuing to hear that all is looking good with him and my pregnancy. Babysitting a friend's little one and kind of pretending to be a mom...and realizing I won't be pretending very soon!


Carrie said...

Your belly just gets cuter and cuter with every week! The not sleeping part of pregnancy is a drag, but they say it's to prepare you for taking care of a newborn....still a drag though! Trust me, when the baby is finally here, it will be easy to get up and tend to him! You'll just have to take little naps when you can. You really are entering the home stretch now!!

Rebekah said...

You look so great!! I hope your sleep gets better soon. It is different when the baby gets run on adrenaline!