Friday, March 23, 2012

{28 weeks}

28 weeks
Size of baby: chinese cabbage (approx. 14.8" and 2.25 lbs.)

Total Weight Gain: +21.5 lbs
Continuing symptoms: slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long, acid reflux, aches, pains, and discomforts (especially while sleeping)
New symptoms this week: Braxton hicks - I thought I had one at 18 weeks, but haven't had any since then so I'm not sure. But this week I definitely had a couple. Insomnia...
Maternity Clothes: A few of the more "form fitting" shirts feel like they could get too short pretty soon here!

Sleep: While I generally feel more comfortable while sleeping thanks to my body pillow (not completely ache free, but better), I've started to need to get up once a night to pee. And after I pee....I can't fall back asleep. I've been up for at least two hours per night with insomnia for the past few nights. Any tips on how to help this?!
What I'm Eating: I was quite hungry this week. Hence the weight gain?!
Cravings: Greek yogurt
Movement: Lots of sweet movement. I also noticed hiccups for the first time last night!! My friend who is also pregnant said she has been noticing hiccups for awhile, but I hadn't. I wasn't sure if I just didn't notice or know what to look for, but last night I just knew it was hiccups. :) (And based on where the hiccups were, I think he is breech right now).

Special pregnancy moments: Had our first pediatrician "interview" and it felt like such a milestone and reminder that we are going to be parents, and have a child who will need to visit a pediatrician.

Saw lots of family last weekend and my mom, dad, brother, and grandma got to feel baby boy move :)


Jessica R said...

Third trimester (by EVERY count), whoop whoop! You look so cute!

I started having sleeping issues around 33 weeks and my midwife said I could take Tylenol PM as prescribed at night if needed. I started taking just one at night - I wasn't big on taking meds AT ALL but I was getting really sleep deprived - and it really helped. I thought it might mess with her sleep cycles once she arrived but it didn't at all. Might be worth a try!

CorinnaVN said...

You look so great!

I always look forward to your Friday updates! :)

I also experienced some insomnia in both of my pregnancies due to sore hips. I found that layering some extra padding under the fitted sheet on my side of the bed helped a bit (I used sleeping bags). On the nights I still slept poorly, I would try to tell myself that it was early preparation for sleep deprivation after that baby was born!

Carrie said...

Your baby bump is just the cutest thing!! When I was pregnant, Pearce had the hiccups every day and I loved it! I wondered if he would get the hiccups after he was born and yep...he sure does!

Adrianne said...

I am so happy for you and love reading your weekly updates!! Praise God for your perfect little miracle!

Adrianne said...

I am so happy for you and love reading all of your weekly updates! Praise God for your perfect little miracle!

Anonymous said...

I thought my son was breech due to where I was feeling hiccups, but it turns out they can reverberate (sp?) through your body. I wouldn't worry about that just yet! My doctor actually did a quick ultrasound at one of my appointments just to confirm that he wasn't breech. :)