Friday, March 2, 2012

{25 weeks}

25 weeks
Size of baby: squash (approx. 13.5" and 1.5 lbs.)

Total Weight Gain: +16.5 lbs. However, at the doctor's 4 days ago I weighed in at maybe my scale is a little more forgiving. But I also know I weigh myself around the same time on the same day of the week wearing the same clothes (the outfit pictured each week), so I am choosing to go with my number. :)
Continuing symptoms: Round ligament pain, slight nose congestion, back ache if I stand too long
New symptoms this week: A couple mornings this week I woke up and my belly was really hard. I thought I had had a Braxton Hick contraction at 18 weeks, and that time I felt it hardening (now I wonder if I really did because I haven't noticed anything since and it was the middle of the night....maybe I was dreaming!). Anyway, these mornings I never felt it tightening or anything, it was just rock hard when I got out of bed.
Maternity Clothes: I wore two of my favorite shirts this week - I will have to take pictures for you soon! :)

Sleep: This was a great week sleep-wise! I even slept on a hard bed with a plastic mattress of the weekend as a counselor for our high school youth group's winter camp without too much discomfort - just one major hip pain upon waking that quickly went away. It's strange that I felt more uncomfortable a few weeks ago than I do now!
What I'm Eating: Continuing to feel hungrier but trying not to over do the eating. Some days my appetite feels normal and other days I feel ravenous.
Cravings: Peanut Butter Puffins cereal. I wake up excited to eat this.
Movement: Last week I felt like his movements had lessened a little, but this week they were back in full force and even stronger. I wonder if he moved less last week because I was a little sick? But anyway, there have a been a couple times this week that he kicked so hard it made me flinch as though I were startled - especially laying in bed falling asleep. He moves all day long with breaks in between, but he moves the most and the strongest when I am laying in bed at night (or, at least that is when I can feel him the most and the strongest).

Special pregnancy moments: One night this week I was laying on my side and my husband and his arm draped over me with his hand on my belly. Our boy was especially active and ending up kicking the hardest we have ever felt and we were both quite amazed! It felt like "family time" to lay there like that feeling our boy move.

Having a great appointment this week and seeing my boy via ultrasound! Somebody commented that I get a lot of ultrasounds, and I definitely feel like I do! My OB has a machine in one of the exam rooms, and I think if you end up in that room you just get an ultrasound because it's really not anything more than using the doppler, and she knows it makes her patients happy. It certainly made my day!

I am loving the experience of being pregnant, and part of me wants it to slow down so I can enjoy it for that much longer. This very well could be my only pregnancy and I want to cherish it. But at the same time, I feel like I am in the "middle" where I have been pregnant for awhile but I still feel like June 16 is too far away. I am getting excited to meet my son and time seems to be going a little too slow for that! :) That said, I know my due date will suddenly be very close and I will wonder how this pregnancy flew by.... I wish I could have both - having him in my belly AND in my arms at the same time. :)


Anonymous said...

What a blessing that you have had such a great pregnancy experience. My younger sister felt the same as you, savoring every moment! Her little one is 3 months and she is already worried that it is going by too fast. Enjoy every minute until he is here, and then enjoy every minute once he comes. My baby is almost 3 and I still can't believe it, it goes way to fast.

Debbie said...

It doesn't sound like you are, but don't be too concerned with weight gain. Even when I gained (gulp) almost 40 pounds with my third pregnancy, I always ate when I was hungry. I tried to make healthy choices, but if the baby wanted ice cream, that's what I ate :) I was on the thin side to start (as are you), and my doctor was never concerned. It does come off eventually. Enjoy this time in your life!

Meg said...

Sometimes it's still amazing to realize this is you with such a pregnant belly. You're just as cute as you can be!