Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome, 2012!

Last night as my husband and I went to bed (we didn't quite make it to midnight...), he kissed me good night and said, "Happy new year mom."

We reflected on this last year and what an eventful and emotional year it was. 2011 began and I was in one of my lowest points of our infertility journey. After two surgeries between us, four IUI's, and four IVF's, I was fully grieving and processing the very real possibility that I would never be pregnant or have a biological child. We had one more surgery left and then our last IVF ahead, but in my heart I did not have much hope that anything would result in a pregnancy.

I then had another surgery to remove a fibroid, and we completed that last IVF cycle with negative results that felt like the ultimate negative. The grieving continued in full force as I sought to give my desires to the Lord and trust him to bring a child into our family. We began researching adoption, chose an adoption attorney, and became an official "waiting family." And then, just when we were about to match with a young woman considering making an adoption plan, God shocked us by the way he decided to bring a child into our family. Without any expectation of it - really, thinking it was nearly impossible - I was pregnant. And everything changed.

Whew. What a crazy, emotional, hard, and wonderful year.

And welcome, 2012. As we said good night last night, we joyfully anticipated meeting our miracle baby, becoming a mom and dad this year, and glorifying the Lord in our next season of life together.


Infertile Mormon Mommy said...

I just got chocked up with the "Happy New Year Mom" part! This is going to be the most amazing year for you! And next NYE you get to kiss your baby, just like I did this year! It's incredible! I am so excited for you and all the things that are coming your way!

mhdmom said...

Happy happy New Year, Hillary! This year will surely be an amazing one for you and your family. Wishing you continued good health and happiness throughout 2012!

Sarah said...

An absolute miracle! :) My husband calls me "Mom" too, I love it :)

Rach said...

Happy New Year! Hope it's the best year ever!

Anonymous said...

Yup! What she said ^^

If you think it's been surreal so far.. Hold onto your pregnancy panties!... The next stage is being able to feel your baby move ( I experienced this around 17 weeks.. But it can happen as late as 25 weeks) and it was AWESOME!! Something I wish that I could still feel. Nowadays I just feel him kick me while I try to change his diaper and he's squirming all over the place! But the internal kicks are just a priceless memory! You will love it!! Happy New Year!


Meg said...

I feel honored to be able to pray for this "desire of your heart" in the new year to come.

Veronique said...

I am soooo excited for you! I have been following your blog for a while and was so happy when I heard the good news about your pregnancy! God is Good!!

I`m a gestational surrogate and recently finished my 1st surrogacy journey by giving birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Blessings to you in 2012!! :)


Carrie said...

Happy New Year! I do believe 2012 is going to be the best year yet! Your baby is such a miracle and a true testament to how wonderful God is. Oh and I second the miraculousness of feeling your baby move/kick for the first time. I felt mine right at 17 weeks and then each week the kicks and movements got stronger. I'm short, though, so I wonder if you'll feel your baby a little later since you have a long torso.