Friday, January 6, 2012

{17 weeks}

17 weeks
*I do feel like I have "popped" although I am not sure exactly when it happened. Somewhere around 15-16 weeks I think, but I am definitely getting comments from friends now.

Size of baby: an onion (about 5" and 6 oz.)

Total Weight Gain: +6 lb
Continuing symptoms: Round ligament pain, br.east enlargement, feeling hungry but then really full quickly,dizziness
New symptoms this week: Not exactly a symptom but I was almost shocked to discover a faint linea nigra on my belly this week!
Maternity Clothes: I sorted through my closet this week and pulled out things that don't fit anymore or are warm weather clothes I won't fit in by the time it's warm enough. They are now boxed in the garage, and my little collection of maternity clothes is hanging in their place. I am wearing maternity jeans full-time (I might be able to wear a regular pair of jeans but it is just so much more comfortable to wear these!), but am still wearing regular shirts with an occasional maternity one thrown in just for fun.

Sleep: Sleeping well.
What I'm Eating: Normal eating habits.
Cravings: This week I really did want a hot dog and made sure I got one. I don't know if it was exactly a craving, but t was the first time I wanted something kind of random that I don't always want but normally try to resist.
Movement: Maybe?! Two days ago (at 16 weeks 5 days) I was laying flat in bed after taking a morning shower (random, I know, but I get kind of light headed after the shower sometimes...). As I laid there I felt what I would describe as a muscle spasm in my abdomen. It happened a couple times, and I suddenly wondered if that was the baby?! I texted my husband right away in my excitement. However, within the next 5 minutes I also had a muscle spasm in my hand and leg, so maybe I was just having muscle spasms. I haven't gotten too excited about it because I'm really not sure, but I have felt something similar yesterday and today as well. But maybe I have been having muscle spasms in my uterus all along, but I am just more aware now because I am looking for movement? It certainly wasn't a 'flutter' or 'butterfly' feeling - more like a little, light thump (or muscle spasm, haha).

Special pregnancy moments: Getting more comments on my little belly. Anticipating feeling movement (for sure) relatively soon. Hearing the heart beat again this week. Even the linea nigra discovery was kind of exciting in a "whoa I'm really pregnant" kind of moment. Being excited with my husband about finding out the gender next week!!

18 comments: said...

You have totally popped out! :)

The best way to feel those early movements is to lie flat on your back for ten minutes or so and just wait. It's nothing you've ever felt before :)

So, so excited for you!

Life Happens said...

It makes me smile every week when I see your growing belly. :)
You look fabulous!!

andreajennine said...

17 weeks; wow! Your belly is adorable.

thesenyardpress said...

That's exactly what I first felt during my 17 th week! I kept waiting for the fluttery butterfly feeling that everyone talks about. But for me, I was laying on my back in bed going to sleep and I felt a teensy tiny little "thump" on the inside! It happened 3 times really quickly "thump thump thump" and that was it. I didn't know what to think until it gradually kept happening more and more over the next couple weeks! Soooo cool, huh?! That's one of my fondest memories! Around 20-22 weeks is when it turns into more obvious KICKS!! :D

Looking good Momma! Xoxo

gringa78 said...

Love that belly! You look fantastic!! You should be feeling that little one any day now, so that muscle spasm could have been him/her!!

Rach said...

Looking great!!

Megan said...

My first noticeable movement was like a thump from inside. I wasnt as focused on trying to feel something and I'm certainly not as small as you, so I didn't notice anything until 20 weeks so it's totally possible that you felt your little bean!

Pez said...

The light headness is from the steam in the shower. I had that also. leave the door or curtain open alittle. It won't make it go away completely, but it does help.

CUTE belly picture.

Carrie said...

That was TOTALLY the baby!! I never felt "popping" sensations...I felt thumps and it also felt like muscle twitches. It'll only get stronger now!!!

JC said...

Your bump is so cute, totally popped! Love the weekly pics!

Corinna said...

Hillary, you look fantastic!!!! What joy!

I would also say that both of my babies' first movements felt like muscle spasms. I have a friend that describes first movements a bit like a fish bumping against it's fish bowl. I've always like that description. :)

I've felt first movements best when I'm sitting down and relaxed. If you happen to have your hand on your abdomen when you feel a little thump you may soon be able to feel a hint of a bump from the outside of your belly too! I'm convinced that by about 18 weeks I could both see and feel the very slight little bump that my girls made from both inside AND outside of my belly.

I'm also so excited for you to find out your baby's gender next week! What an exciting "early" surprise! If my husband and I ever have the priviledge of having another baby, I totally want to find out!!!! (Both of our daughters were surprises until their birth).
I love keeping up with your updates! :)

My vote for you is "girl!" (I'm always wrong!)

Meg said...

I love how every post is full of happiness for you.

Jessica R said...

You look great! Nearing the halfway point!!!

Tap the back of your hand as lightly as you can with your fingertip about twice per second. That's what it felt like to me, right at 17w1d. You could be feeling him/her! YAY!

:- ) said...

Seeing this makes me smile :-) I am so very happy for you and I cannot wait to hear if it's a boy or girl!! And I hope you feel lots of little kicks soon too ;-)

RachieD said...

Oh My!! Been so many months since I last looked at any of the blogs I used to follow. I am soooo pleased for you hunny, crying tears of joy for you now. You will make the best Mummy, all the luck in the world to you. xxx

Melissa G said...

Wow 17 weeks! Love seeing your progress!

Pez is right. Basically the increase in blood volume makes it harder to deliver oxygen to the rest of your body. (which is why you might find yourself winded after simple activities) Anyway, the steam also reduces the concentration of oxygen, which is why you're getting light headed - I had the same issue! I started leaving the shower curtain open a little on both sides and it helped a lot!

Love this update!

kdactyl said...

You have such a cute baby bump. You are going to be one of those super cute gals that is nothing but baby and I LOVE it!!! Enjoy every single moment of is sometimes scary and sometimes quite uncomfortable...but it is sooo precious and will pass all too quickly. Excited to hear the gender this week. Congrats again. I am still so giddy everytime I click on your blog.


lifebytheday said...

You are looking adorable - thanks for the belly pics!