Friday, December 23, 2011

{15 weeks}

15 weeks
*It doesn't look like my belly really grew much this week, although I felt bigger for whatever that is worth. :)

Size of baby: naval orange (4" and 2.5 oz)

Total Weight Gain: +2.5 lb
Continuing symptoms: I felt quite normal this week, minus the new symptoms below. Thankful to be feeling so well!
New symptoms this week: This isn't completely new since I had this a couple times early in the first trimester (probably when I had a cold), but this week I have caught a cold again. It is very mild and started in my throat. Yesterday I kept having a tickle in my throat and needed to cough constantly, and every time I coughed I gagged. This must be a pregnancy thing because I don't think that ever happened prior to being pregnant. Thankfully the cold feels like it has moved into my chest and I haven't been coughing (or gagging) as much today. Also, I must confess to peeing my pants (only a little) a couple times - my bladder was just really full, and when I stood up to go to the bathroom a tiny bit leaked out. I have been trying to empty my bladder earlier now, but I am kind of surprised since isn't this the trimester when the baby/ uterus is not pressing on my bladder?!
Maternity Clothes: Not yet, but I gave up wearing my jeans altogether this week and have been living in yoga pants (I don't need to dress up for work since I am by myself in a home office!). I can definitely still button my jeans, but I just felt soooo uncomfortable by mid-day that I decided it wasn't worth it to wear them. The last night I wore my jeans I sat through a 2 hour choral concert (thus I couldn't unbutton them), and by the end I had terrible indigestion! I can't say for sure it was entirely connected, but once I stood up I immediately starting feeling better, and then once I unbuttoned them in my car I felt completely better. Weird.

Sleep: Sleeping well.
What I'm Eating: Normal eating habits. I'm loving a before bed snack of a glass of milk, and an english muffin - one side with butter and the other side with an almond cocoa spread from T.rader Joe's (it's like Nu.tella but doesn't seem as sweet but is pretty much as unhealthy, haha).
Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Special pregnancy moments: Seeing my high school best friend for the first time in a year (and obviously since being pregnant), having her notice my tiny bump, and getting to talk about the pregnancy with her. Having a few other friends notice my tiny bump, too. Being off of progesterone for over a week and NOT spotting - yeah!


Sarah said...

Happy 15 weeks! I had a lot of pressure on my bladder early on too. And I was so concerned because I thought that was for later in pregnancy! But I pretty much spend a lot of time peeing during the day!

Life Happens said...

Yay for 15 weeks! Every passing day is a blessing.

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. May God comfort her and her husband during this difficult time.

I hope you guys have a wonderful Christmas!

Jessica R said...

You look great! I am so, so thrilled for you, Hillary! What a wonderful miracle :)

andreajennine said...

Do you know the rubberband trick for your jeans? Loop a rubberband around your button, through the buttonhole, and back around the button for a little stretchy extension. Helps get through that in-between stage when regular jeans don't fit but you don't quite need maternity jeans yet!