Friday, December 16, 2011

{14 weeks}

14 weeks

Size of baby: lemon(3.4" and 1.5 oz)

Total Weight Gain: +2.25 lbs - same as last week. I love my new scale!
Continuing symptoms: gassy, br.east tenderness (even less this week) & enlargement, indigestion (only a tiny bit), and cramping. Still a little tired but nothing extreme.
New symptoms this week: None. My first trimester was really mild (no throwing up, I think I gagged slightly a couple times when coughing, and maybe had nausea once or twice for brief instances...but now I wonder if it was just me hoping I had nausea in those early days of just wanting to feel pregnant), and so far the second trimester feels even more symptom free.

Sleep: Sleeping well.I woke up this morning with a lower back ache, so I'm not sure if I slept funny, did something to it yesterday, or it's just a pregnancy thing.
What I'm Eating: Normal eating habits. I make sure I always eat some breakfast with a glass of orange juice (unlike my pre-pregnancy days where I often skipped breakfast).
Cravings: Nothing in particular.

Special pregnancy moments: Sharing our news publicly and receiving many joyful reactions!! Continuing to check out my tiny belly in the mirror all the time and loving that there is a little something there. Changing to a different doctor for my anatomy scan (the other one wasn't contracted with my insurance) and getting an appointment 12 days earlier (January 12)!! And, yes, I will do a poll on the blog for you to weigh in and guess the gender - so fun! :)

3 comments: said...

Yay!! :)

Infertile Mormon Mommy said...

Sounds like things are going well! Jan 12th will be so much fun! :)

Carrie said...

Happy 14 weeks! Loving your cute baby bump!!