Friday, December 9, 2011

{13 weeks}

Ok, I went a little crazy with the photos this week because I am in a happy shock that this little belly is actually growing! :)

First, my standard picture:
13 weeks

Now this is the same shirt I put on last week to show how not-pregnant I look in most of my regular, less form fitting clothes. But now I can see a tiny bump in it!
13 weeks

This shirt is from an order of Old Navy maternity clothes I got this week! It was probably a tad early to order them, but they were all on sale plus an additional 40% off as a Cyber Monday promo! Anyway, the looser type shirts just look huge on me at this point, but when I put this one on my husband said,
"You really look pregnant!." (By the way, do you think I should return this shirt? It doesn't seem like it would have much room to grow in, although I really like it for right now....but not sure how long it would last?!)
13 weeks

And lastly, this is a regular non-maternity sweater that I was going to wear yesterday. I ended up not wearing it because I saw how warm it was as I was leaving the house and changed to something with more layers, but anyway...
13 weeks
Size of baby: peach (2.9" and .81 oz)

Total Weight Gain: +2.25 lbs. I know I said last week that I thought I had gained 5 lbs, but when I went to the doctor this week I had gained only a quarter of a pound in the last four I really think our scale is just a piece of junk!! It's always 10 lbs. off, which I accounted for, but now I'm thinking it is just plain inaccurate and hard to read. So I actually bought a new scale yesterday in hopes of a more accurate weekly measurement. I wasn't too worried about the weight gain, but it was still a little nice to know it hasn't been as much as I thought.
Continuing symptoms: gassy, br.east tenderness (even less this week) & enlargement, indigestion (only a tiny bit), and cramping.
New symptoms this week: None - the cramping was a little more this week with some new sort of jabs and stabs that made me a little nervous before my appointment. But apparently it's just the uterus growing...

Sleep: Sleeping well.Thankful.
What I'm Eating: I never really lost my appetite or changed my eating much, but my eating felt especially "back to normal" this week.
Cravings: None. But still loving that glass of milk before bed!

Special pregnancy moments: THIRTEEN weeks! Even more officially in the second trimester!! Seeing the baby again at my appointment and having a great appointment overall. Getting an over-the-belly ultrasound because I am farther along. Starting to wean off of the progesterone (I'm taking one every other day until Wednesday). Scheduling the anatomy scan. My belly growing (I still can't believe I'm going to have a belly - eek!!) and even having a friend (who knows I'm pregnant) point out that she noticed my belly. :) Feeling a tiny bump even when lying on my back. Sharing the news with a few more friends and having a friend so excited she called, emailed, and texted at the same time to get me to call her back right away - so cute. Anticipating telling "the world" in the next few days!!!!


Debbie said...

Don't return the shirt - especially if it was a good price. After you deliver, you will need bigger clothes for a few weeks while your uterus shrinks back down to normal size. Although, you are so tiny, young, and pregnant with your first, that I'm betting that weight loss won't be problem. Enjoy every second of your new body and new clothes!

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, keep the shirt. You will enjoy something cute to wear while you get back to your old size. Love the bump!

Mandy said...

Definitely keep the shirt! You will be surprised how much room maternity shirts actually have. Plus, you want a few more form-fitting shirts to show off that bump. ;)

I'm a newbie who just spent all of yesterday reading through your blog. Had me smiling, laughing, and crying the whole way through it. My husband finally had to ask me "what in the world have you been reading all day?!" :)

I'm almost 10 weeks along with my last child, so now I'm all "I wish I was 13 weeks!" LOL

Congrats again on your amazing miracle!

Melissa G said...

Agreed, keep the shirt. And honestly, you won't regret having bought those clothes now - because you're going to wake up one morning and not have anything to wear. So that stash will come in handy for that day. BELIEVE me!

Love the weekly belly pics. I continue to be over the moon for you and hubby! said...

Yay for the 2nd trimester!! I agree with the ladies about the shirt. Also it looks long so you'll be able to wear it for a while :)

Infertile Mormon Mommy said...

YAY!!! You'er so cute. I'm sure the shirt will be fine! 2nd trimester is a huge deal! I remember calming down a little (very little) after that! I hope it's smooth sailing from here on out for you!

Leah said...

You most definitely do have a pregnant belly my dear!!! How exciting!!! It was at about 13 weeks for me when regular pants just quit fitting. I remember feeling like such an imposter buying maternity pants and shirts, but they fit me until the end of the pregnancy. You look beautiful. )

Buck said...

Ha! Came over to say exactly what Debbie (and everyone else) said about needing clothes after birth too. Except Debbie said you may need a few weeks while things shrink down and I'm going on 19 months. :) Either way, keep the shirt! Your bump is adorable!

thesenyardpress said...

Its so fun watching your belly grow! You are going to LOVE having a baby belly. Get ready for a lot of attention and questions from strangers! I remember going to Khols for my first pair of maternity jeans. It was so exciting after wanting a baby bump for so long! Stick that gut out there girlfriend and soak it all up while you can! Unfortunately it doesn't last forever :/ I'd walk around with a little baby belly forever if I could!! Lol

You look cute!!!!

Tami said...

As someone who is currently about 4 weeks from their due date, just anticipate nothing fits at the end. I bought a few shirts saying wow there is a lot of room to grow here! Nope, most of them only come down halfway on my belly! I am pretty much living in exercise/pj pants at this point lol.
But you can tell a difference for sure! Cute little bump! :D

Rach said...

Happy second trimester!

abby said...

hi hillary,
just wanted to say CONGRATS! i found your blog a couple of years ago when we were dealing with infertiliy issues and have been following ever since. i would be so excited check your blog during your "waiting" period, hoping for a BFP for you, and sharing tears when it didnt work. i was excited for you when you decided to adopt, glad that the IF heartbreaks were nearing an end. and i cried such happy tears for you when you announced your miracle pregnancy! i don't know you, but i think about you often, and have had my fingers crossed for you during the first tri. i pray that your healthy pregnancy continues, and can't wait for the day when pictures of your little one are posted! we had our own miracle pregnancy and our little guy is almost 12 weeks old now. take lots of pictures, enjoy every minute, and get a video camera! you and your baby are in my prayers.

One Who Understands said...

I can see the bump!! Too cute! Congrats on making it to the second trimester!

Traci said...

I would say keep the shirt. It will be a good in betweener for now and for after you have the baby. You'll have a few weeks...if not more where regular clothes just don't fit right.