Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The ups and downs

Thankfully, there have been a lot more ups since hearing the heart beat on Friday, and the downs have been less extreme. It eased my mind tremendously to know that after so much spotting and the lack of symptoms, the baby has continued to grow and thrive on track.
UP: These last few days I have enjoyed the fact that I don't feel sick. I have a had a couple random times where the thought of throwing up appealed to me even though I didn't feel nauseous (or maybe was a tiny bit because I was hungry) - how weird is that?! And a couple times I coughed and thought I would gag. So weird things happen from time to time, but I can go a couple without experiencing any symptoms. I must be one of the lucky 25%. :) I have a dull lower back ache, some bre.ast tenderness and fullness, and an abdomen that just feels fuller (even though it doesn't look it). I also have cramping on and off that seems like normal "uterus stretching" from what I can tell, and it never feels intense. Although sometimes it is pretty strong and makes me wonder if it is "bad" cramping, but usually it just is a pleasant reminder that there is a baby growing in there. :)
DOWN: How can I always find something to scare me? (TMI warning) A couple nights ago I inserted my progesterone pill and felt like I hit my cervix....but all of the other times it has felt high and far away. Cue internal temptation to freak out. I felt like God carried me through that one because I read my verse on my phone, prayed, and managed to go to sleep without worrying. The next morning (and everyday since then) the cervix has been high...
UP: Listening to the heart beat on my phone. :)
DOWN: Getting a cold. So far it's not too bad, but it is difficult to manage without taking any decongestants. I woke up early Monday morning and felt so much pressure in my face that I got scared I was getting a sinus infection. I stayed home from work, breathed steam every 2 hours, and started using a nasal rinse twice per day and it seems to be helping.
UP: Going out to dinner on Friday to celebrate hearing the heart beat and not feeling like I could eat because I'm pregnant. It wasn't because the food didn't look or taste good (it did!), but I just felt full after only a couple bites. I don't want the sickness, but these occasional reminders that I am pregnant are nice. :)
DOWN: I was supposed to fly to St. L.ouis today to visit my best friend from high school. She and her family are moving out of the country in January, so we had planned this as the last big visit. Also, her husband was going out of town so I was going to help with the kids. Well...I had already started freaking out about going because I'm pregnant (nervous to fly, nervous to be away from home and DH...)....and I was getting stressed about it. The doctor said it was completely fine to fly so I just planned to go. But then I woke yesterday with that pressure in my face and decided I just couldn't do it. I'm not that sick, but I don't want to get worse, and missing sleep, traveling, etc. with a cold just seemed like too much. I don't want to get a sinus infection and need antibiotics, you know? And I just can't push myself like I normally would and risk it. But I felt terrible canceling :(
UP: Everyday that goes by feels like a gift from the Lord, and I continue to thank him daily for this baby and pregnancy!


Jen said...

When I was pregnant, I remember saying "after I hear the heartbeat, I won't worry anymore" then "after I see the ultrasound..." then "after she's born" then "when she's six months"...

There is always something to worry about. Its just part of being a mom! It is definitely something I did not expect going into motherhood and has definitely taken me by surprise. Hopefully reciting your verses is helping. They help me!

Baby Hopes said...

YAY!!! Congratulations!!! Just read about your wonderful news from My Cheap Version of Therapy! Sounds like we've had similar miracles, my dear! We're miraculously pregnant (going into our fifth week). We're four months into our international adoption and still working to bring our son and daughter home! Wishing you many blessings!!!

Just to let you know, my symptoms are very mild as well. And the cold could very well be a symptom from your pregnancy! :) Congratulations!!!

Anonymous said...


I'm so excited for you. And jealous of your lack of sickness. Try not to worry too much about the cramping. I know, easier said than done. So much is changing in there that all sorts of things happen. I remember being 8 weeks and I had cramps so bad I went to the hospital. I was SURE something was wrong... how could I be in so much pain and have everything OK? But the baby was fine! Don't hesitate to call your doctor if you need to. They'll let you know if you really need to worry.

Also, continuing to pray definitely helps! I'm just so happy for you and I hope you continue to get more Ups than Downs!!

megan said...

I didn't feel pregnant until after my NT at 12 weeks. I was just like you [save for the spotting]: no nausea [except when hungry a little], and no aversion to smells,breast soreness/fullness, and the little weird achy cramps. I still don't have much of an appetite, I feel satisfied after way less than before I got pregnant.

Congratulations. I'm a new reader, but so happy for you.

Jeannette said...

Just remember every pregnancy is different. All of the symptoms you hear about don't always happen to everyone. Some people go through a very long way through and don't even know they are pg. I'm sure it feels terrible not to see your friend. But I have flown with a bad cold without being pg and the pressure made me feel like my head was going to blow off my shoulders. This IS meant to happen for you. I wish I could tell you the worrying will stop, but as time progresses it will ease. I carried our twins to 35 weeks and all I could do was just take things day by day and pray that everything will be fine. This WILL happen for you, just believe.

Meg said...

I would have cancelled the trip as well. No second thoughts. Your friend totally understands and agrees, I'm sure.

Where is your belly pic. tab?

I thank Him daily with you! Happy days!

courtney brooke said...

I COMPLETELY agree with what the first commenter "Jen" said... I was the exact same way as what she described!

"If I see a heartbeat.. then I'll relax."....

"If I make it to 12 weeks.. then I'll relax."

"If I make it to 23 weeks.. then I'll relax."

"If I make it to full term.. then I'll relax."


"When he stops putting EVERYthing in his mouth.. I can relax."

"When he can talk and TELL ME when he's hungry/sad/sick... then I'll relax."

Sorry to tell you this Hillary.. but this is only the beginning of your worrying. You will worry about your child from now until the end of time, Momma! =/ but, that's a good thing. You will do great as a Mom.. because you already love your little guy/gal so much!

If I may put my opinion in early... I am going to predict that you are pregnant with a boy. Because of your lack of morning sickness. I was never very sick with my little guy. =)


Life Happens said...

I agree with Courtney's comment! The worrying doesn't go away...it's just a different kind of worry.

Enjoy all the Up moments!!

Mellow said...

So happy for you! :)

Neverending Joy said...

Oh Hillary...I have no words. I haven't been able to keep up with blogs in so long, and then to find this news for you...I am in tears and so very, very happy for you. God is amazing! I am just filled with tears and goosebumps and joy for you, dear one. Congratulations!! I had to go back and read the story of how it all happened - wow. God works in the craziest, yet best of ways. Praise and glory be to Him!

Britney said...

So excited for this journey for you! Thanks for inviting us on it. Lay the "downs" at Jesus's feet every morning. This is HIS baby. You are just the vessel He has chosen. He will take care of this baby, and you just do your part to take care of you, draw nearer to Him, and prepare to receive this gift into your home.