Monday, November 14, 2011

A little better

Thank you for your prayers and encouragements these past 24 hours. I have had some low moments where I felt nearly overcome with fear, but I have also had moments of peace that I know are from the Lord. I am asking him to help me trust him because I certainly can't do it on my own.

I called the doctor this morning. I tried to call at 8:00am when the office opened, but the voicemail came on and said the office wasn't open yet (although the message said they opened at 8:00...). I tried a few more times and finally got through around 9:15am, and left a message with the receptionist asking for the doctor or nurse to call me back. The office closed at 5:00, so I called back at 4:15pm and said I hadn't heard from anyone. The receptionist said she had passed the message on to the doctor, but if she has a busy day she sometimes calls back in the evening. So I continued to wait. (I am a little disappointed that it took so long to hear back from my doctor...)

The doctor called at 6:30 tonight, and I do feel a little better. She said my cervix is extra 'vascular' during pregnancy, and that mine was even more so than most (she said maybe because I am taking prometrium va.ginally, but she's not sure why). So she said it doesn't matter what color the bleeding is and that I may spot for up to two weeks (Lord help me!), and that as long as I don't soak through a large pad in two hours it is fine.

I continued to spot bright red today, and it may have been less. It it is hard to quantify since sometimes it seems to be disappearing and then it is back the next time I go to the bathroom.

I feel less like crying after hearing my doctor say it is ok, and knowing that it might be like this for awhile makes me want to stop over analyzing every trip to the bathroom. I need to just buckle down and accept this spotting. Perhaps the Lord has given me yet another opportunity to grow my trust in him and refine this tendency of mine to worry.


Anonymous said...

God bless your sweet heart...I can only imagine your fears. I was an absolute ball of emotions while pregnant with Lleyton. Thankfully, my Dr. and her nursing staff "knew" my story and gave me extra TLC. They stopped everything to care for me. As for your Dr. calling you back at 6:30pm when you called at 9:30, humm...I hate to be harsh, but that is unacceptable. Yes, they are busy, but when an OB patient tells you they are experiencing bleeding that is cause for concern. I think I might have to be straight forward with this Dr. during your next visit and make her aware of your long journey to baby. I spelled it all out to my OB, my fears, my expectations, that I would try and not be high maintenance, but that I was also human and filled with anxiety. And she held my hand for 26 weeks (the other 12 were spent with the RE ;))

Wishing you peace and sending you BIG HUGS and loads of prayers of comfort.


kdactyl said... that I know the added fact that you are using the prometrium vaginally...that totally makes me feel better for you. That stuff is rough! And the longer you use it...the harder it is on your poor cervix. Maybe you could ask for the pills instead? But...the good news is...after about 10-11 weeks pregnant...the placenta takes over the progesterone needs so you won't have to use it but a week or two more. Try to relax. I know it is hard...but I feel good about this for you. Sending lots of positive baby vibes your way!

Anonymous said...

I have followed your blog just for a few months and wanted you to know that you have someone out there (Salt Lake City) saying prayers for you and your baby. God bless.

Leah said...

Thinking and praying for you Hillary. I can understand how this would be so scary for you, but these doctors know what they are talking about. :)

Carrie said...

I'm so glad your doctor called you back...although I agree, she called way later than she should have. At least you heard from her that the bleeding is o.k. and normal. Hopefully you feel better, but of course, you'll be glad when it stops!! And like the other poster said, you'll get to stop the prometrium in a few weeks. I have no doubt your little baby is all snug and warm inside of you!!

Mandy said...

Glad you are feeling a little more calm now. You have been in my thoughts and I will be praying for you!

Shirley said...

I'm following you and praying for the best.
God bless you!

Cassandra said...

When I was taking the progesterone vaginally I always had spotting and one time after "private" time with my DH the bleeding got bad enough for me to go to the ER. Once I switched to progesterone injections it stopped.... has your doctor told you that you can do them rectally as well? Sounds bad but its less messy and it doesnt irritate your cervix

Jem said...

If the OB was really concerned she would have sent you to the ER in a heartbeat.

Take a nice deep breath and do something nice for yourself. And keep us posted.

kkasun said...

I had major bleeding at week 8 and found out it was a hematoma on my cervix. It was very large and bled for 5 weeks. But I say all of this to say that my baby is here and perfect and there were concerns after week 16. I delivered at 39 weeks!
I hope that yours stops soon and that it is just normal spotting. Even if it isn't, it doesn't mean that something bad will happen.
It is absolutely terrifying though. I am thinking of you and hoping for peace for you during this.