Friday, November 11, 2011

{9 weeks}

9 weeks
*I feel like my "belly"/ bloat is smaller this week :)

Size of baby: Grape (.9" and .07 oz)
Total Weight Gain: +2
Continuing symptoms: mild cramping off and on (but less this week), gassy, br.east tenderness & enlargement
New symptoms this week: starving!

Sleep: I slept better this week with less tossing and turning. There were a few nights that I slept like a rock! I usually get up once to pee, but occasionally make it the whole night. (Frequent urination isn't a symptom I have I guess).
What I'm Eating:I haven't had that "full feeling" like I did in the earlier weeks. Instead, I become ravenously starving and need to eat. After eating I sometimes don't feel that much better. I'm trying to eat more frequent, small meals that include fruits and veggies so I'm not picking up fast food all the time. (But I have eaten fast food twice this week...)
Cravings: None.
Special pregnancy moments:  Continuing to feel less anxious and experiencing more excitement and joy about this miracle pregnancy! Seeing our baby via ultrasound again and seeing him or her move her legs. Crying as I heard the heart beat. Going to an OB's office because I am pregnant!


The Swann's said...

Ah! your baby, your baby belly, you're a MOM!!! Still so excited for you!!!!

Shanny said...

OMG, I've been kind of MIA in the blogging world and I couldn't hold back my joy when I came to your page for an update and saw you are pregnant. Congratulations!!!! I'm very very happy for you =)