Friday, November 25, 2011

{11 weeks}

11 weeks
*Sorry for the camera phone picture today - I'm at my in-laws right now. :) I am feeling a little bigger these days, but some days the "belly" seems like more than others.

Size of baby: fig (1.6" and .25 oz)

Total Weight Gain: +3?
Continuing symptoms: gassy (less this week), br.east tenderness (even less this week) & enlargement, starving (especially at night) sometimes, indigestion and inability to eat other times
New symptoms this week: round ligament pain - I think! I felt a sharp stabbing pain in my lower left abdomen after I sneezed a few days ago and googled it, and it sounded like round ligament pain except everything said it usually starts in the second trimester. But then I have had a similar feeling again when I stood up from bed and coughed - all the things they list for round ligament pain - and I am pretty close to the second trimester. Also, I think  I can feel my uterus in my abdomen - a hardness that seems like what I read about!

Sleep: Sleeping well, thankfully
What I'm Eating: Overall eating pretty normal. The starving-like-crazy feeling has been less as the week progressed. On Thanksgiving I ate a really light breakfast so I would have room for the two Thanksgiving meals we were going to eat that day, but became starving right before lunch. When I did eat lunch I ate a small amount, but as the afternoon went on I felt more and more full. By dinner I could hardly eat anything, and had terrible indigestion and heartburn. Thankfully we're eating left overs tonight so I won't completely miss out on a Thanksgiving meal with a decent appetite. :)
Cravings: None.

Special pregnancy moments:  Getting closer to the second trimester! Sharing the excitement of this pregnancy and the baby to come with both of our families on Thanksgiving - they already knew, but it was fun to talk about together. My mother-in-law took me maternity clothes shopping! I don't need any yet, but she is going to wrap the items up and give them to me for Christmas. Trying them on made me really look and feel pregnant, even if there is not much of a belly yet to fill out the clothes. :)


hollygandco said...

It sounds like RLP to me, and I love that you didn't expect to show early because of your long torso, but just look at the difference from 2 weeks ago!

Stefanie Blakely said...

I had round ligament pain starting around 9 weeks-- totally normal! :)

Rachel said...

Hey dear! Congrats on the pregnancy! That is amazing.

My hubby and I struggled for 4 ½ years to have children and now we just completed our adoption AND I am 15 weeks pregnant. Crazy how things work, isn’t it?

Anyway, I thought it would be cool to connect with someone who is at a similar point in pregnancy as me. Feel free to drop by my blog anytime and say hi! :-)

Britney said...

love watching that belly GROW!

thesenyardpress said...

So...... Is it too early to start picketing for a new post/belly pic?!!! :D

Hope you're feeling fabulous this week Hillary!