Friday, November 18, 2011

{10 weeks}

10 weeks

Size of baby: olive (1.2" and .14 oz)
Total Weight Gain: +2
Continuing symptoms: mild cramping off and on (but less this week), gassy, br.east tenderness (less this week) & enlargement, starving!! (especially at night)
New symptoms this week: headache

Sleep: I slept well, except when it was difficult to fall asleep because I was so hungry.
What I'm Eating: I'm continuing to have a good appetite without food aversions. I'm loving snacking on tangerines and cheese sticks with crackers.
Cravings: None.
Special pregnancy moments:  The post-pap bleeding/ spotting stopped! Waking up today and announcing to my husband that I am TEN WEEKS today - double digits!! I remember a few days after I found out I was pregnant (a few days into my 5th week), a close friend emailed me a sweet, sensitive-to-the-infertile email to tell me she was over 9 weeks pregnant. I remember thinking she was SO far into her first trimester and how lucky she was to be that far....and, well, here I am! Only two or three weeks to go, depending on how you count :)


Jana said...

25% of the way there!

Jem said...

Love the tiny baby bump! What a cute decorating theme, too!

Tami said...

Getting so close! Every week is a milestone! I can't believe I am 32+ weeks, it has just FLOWN by!! So happy that things are going well! :)

andreajennine said...

Yay! Love these weekly updates.

@EndoJourney said...

I've been watching your blog for a while and have really enjoyed hearing all of your exciting developments! Congrats on making it to double digits!! Can't wait to hear more excitement as you get further along!

Meg said...

Double digits is a wonderful reason to celebrate!

Melissa G said...

Wooo 10 weeks!!!!

I used to have the same trouble falling asleep because I was hungry. My doctor suggested drinking a glass of milk to take the edge off. 1. Milk has protein and calcium, and 2. from now on you should never ignore your hunger. Which is fun. =)

Love hearing your progress! said...

:D You look great! So glad to hear the spotting stopped!

Jenny H said...

YAY! you look adorable! My vote is girl!