Thursday, October 6, 2011

A small update

The expectant mother I mentioned in the last post has been emailing with our attorney. I was happy to get an update last night, since I had started to assume that she simply hadn't responded.

However, due to how early she is in her pregnancy and the situation with the birth father, our attorney has advised us that it may not be a good match for us. We agree with this, but I think we also feel like it is not a door that is closed all the way. If we got more information and time passed, perhaps it could be opened again, but we are a little relieved to just think of it as a "no" for now.

One neat part of the last few days was just how interested my husband was in all the specifics! I think he re-read the email exchanges more times than I did, and was bringing it up in our conversations all the time! I think hearing about a real woman and baby made it more tangible to both of us, and we have enjoyed praying for this woman, baby, and our adoption (whoever that may be) with more fervor than before.


Hillary said...

Also...having a birthmom be so interested in you so soon in the process means that your dear birthparent letter is being well-received!

Britney said...

i have chills. i remember the anticipation. i love watching your journey.

Tarah said...

So exciting - hopefully the door isn't shut tightly.

Anonymous said...

While I'm sad that this wasn't the "perfect" match I'm glad you're at least keeping the possibility that it COULD BE down the road.

Praying for you!!!

Rach said...

When you first posted about this, the first thing that came to mind was if it's meant to be then this mom would stay in contact and you could match when she was a little farther along.

That's great you are getting good exposure!

Lisa said...

GOD is at work! Praying that your baby will find its way to you soon :)