Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A Jonah Day*

Over the last two weeks, I have traveled to O.maha to visit family and to Sa.n Die.go for a getaway with my husband. We (well, really my husband and in-laws...) installed a sprinkler system in our yard and planted grass (yes!). It has been a whirlwind of activity, and all good things, but I have been feeling out of it and am looking forward to settling back in at home {with grass growing}.

While away, I started getting a cold. Two days ago I lost my voice. It is embarrassing to open my mouth to try to speak.

Today, I attempted to catch up on work and managed to only have to answer the phone twice. But then I backed into somebody in a parking lot, and as I got ready to drive away from the 'accident' I broke my hands-free ear piece for my cell phone. I drove home fighting back tears, and tried to not to stress that Part One of our homestudy is tonight.

Yes, our social worker should be here in less than an hour! Praying I can croak and squeak my way through tonight with out any more incidents.

*'Jonah Day' is a term for a bad day that I recently read in Anne of Green Gables. I am re-reading the series and it is even more charming and heart warming to read as an adult!


Melis.sa said...

I hope tonight goes much better than your day! I loved that series! I should re-read them too!

Anonymous said...

Good luck! The home study idea is daunting, but you will get through! Just completed ours-and it's not as bad as you imagine!!!!

Melody said...

It's gotta get better! Hope the Home Study goes well today. Look forward to hearing about it.

sara said...

ah!!! how did it go?? dying to know:)