Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Homestudy Visit Part 2

Last night the social worker came over for "Part 2" of our homestudy, and I am happy to report that she is "approving" us for adoption! Yeah! :)

This visit consisted of our individual interviews, which she had told us would last 45 minutes to an hour each. I guess we are not big talkers because we finished BOTH within one hour. The questions were pretty simple and she basically got more information and details about the autobiography we had written: about our childhoods, what we liked to do as kids, family dynamics, current relationships with family members, etc. I was expecting more difficult questions - I feel like I have read in the blogsphere that people have been asked about their s.ex life - but we weren't! The hardest questions was, "Describe yourself." Ha!

After our individual interviews we talked together about how were disciplined as children, and how we hope to discipline as parents. She asked what we hoped would be the characteristics and qualities of our family, and what we most looked forward to about being parents. I liked those questions, because there was SO much to say. :)

Based on what I have heard about others' experiences, I would say our homestudy was very easy with fewer requirements than many (ie we didn't have to have a car seat installed or lock our knives up, unlike another friend who is doing domestic infant adoption). Our social worker was easy to talk to and seems on top of things - she said she will email us a rough draft of our homestudy within two weeks!

Now there is nothing left to "do" but continue working on the nursery and wait for our baby!


Anonymous said...

We just brought Isaac home today. I hope your wait is as fruitful, and that you soon have to install that car seat for your baby!!!

andreajennine said...

Yay! Praying your wait won't be long.

Rach said...

Congrats on this big step!

Britney said...

you are on your way! i cannot wait to see how God brings your child to you!

Cassandra said...

Congrats! - Hope your wait isnt too long. In our homestudy we were asked about our sex life and it was a wee bit awkward lol

Kakunaa said...

Great news Hilary! I hope you are placed quickly!