Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check check!

Over the last week we have been plowing through our homestudy. My husband actually took the day off of work today so that we could both get our physicals, get fingerprinted, and then we spent the afternoon filling out all the forms. Whew! Once we get the results from the TB test on Friday, we can photocopy this packet and mail it in!

We have out first meeting with the social worker scheduled for September 6, and she said if we get all of these items done quickly we could schedule part two for the next week (I actually just left her a message to schedule this). I know there will be time needed to process paperwork, write the report, etc, but we should be done with our side of things by mid-September!

So far this hasn't been as much work as I expected, and I'm excited we have so many things checked off of the list. If you want to see the details, feel free to see the list on the "Adoption Journey" page above.


Britney said...

Check the boxes, my friend! your baby will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

Ours is on the 20th of August...I can't believe how calm you are! Ours is a different type of adoption and were SO nervous!

cjdubs13 said...

I loved checking things off of our list. It makes it feel so real and each step gets you one step closer to getting your baby!!

gringa78 said...

How exciting! Things are moving right along!!