Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby niece

Sorry for the lack of posting! I am in Omaha with my little brother visiting our older brother and meeting my baby niece for the first time. We are having a nice time and she is a very cute and happy babe. I got to feed her a bottle and loved it. :)

No adoption news, really. We did get our first "scam" email from somebody who said they are looking for a family to adopt her baby. It was one of those messages with so many grammatical errors we thought hey may have been a Ni.gerian telling us we had inherited money or something. :) but in this one she was in the UK but from Cameroon, I think.

Hope you are all well! I got a few email requests to see our profile after leaving for our trip that I haven't gotten a chance to respond to, but I will! Sorry for the delay.

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kdactyl said...

Oh, I hate those scammers. And I am always suprised that people even fall for that just seems so obvioulsy shady to me.

So glad you are having a great time and enjoying your new niece. Get your practice in cuz something tells me you will have your baby before you know it.