Tuesday, August 30, 2011

On showers

Some of my sweet, dear, and thoughtful friends are throwing me a baby shower in October. Yes, me - a baby shower! Ever since they asked me if they could in July I have been SO excited for my shower. It is one of those things I have always looked forward to, even before my days of trying to conceive and infertility, so finally getting to have a shower is like a dream come true.

As I am sure you can tell from many of my other posts, I am loving this feeling of hope and joy in the sweet anticipation of meeting our baby. I am loving each small purchase I make, each swipe of the paintbrush in the nursery, and each piece of baby gear I research. I feel such a sense of happy anticipation that I feel like having a pre-baby shower is like the cherry on top of all of dreaming, because my friends get to celebrate and anticipate with me!

That said, I did have to think long and hard about having a shower. From things I have read online, many adoptive moms seem to prefer to wait to have a shower type event until after they have their baby because it is emotionally too difficult before hand. And, well, I don't know. So far I have not felt an ounce of that as I add little things to the nursery, but how will I feel if we are still waiting in a year? It's difficult to know.

My hope in having the shower now is that it is a celebration of our yet unknown baby. The gifts will not be for a specific baby we are matched with (obviously because we are not even matched!), so if we do have a match that dissolves, or a birth mother who changes her mind....the room and gifts will hopefully not be associated with that specific baby. And I feel like there is so much JOY in hoping that even if something very difficult like that does happen, we can still continue to wait and hope for the baby that is meant to be ours. We will have our baby someday, whether the wait is long or there are difficulties along the way.

I know as I write about this I am probably in the minority of adoptive moms who want to do things this way. Even my mom and one of my really good friends (who adopted internationally) deflated my bubble a little by wondering if this was really a wise idea. Maybe I will look back and wish I hadn't had a shower at this time, but I honestly feel complete peace, joy, and excitement about the decision right now. I want to enjoy this time of sweet anticipation.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Baby niece

Sorry for the lack of posting! I am in Omaha with my little brother visiting our older brother and meeting my baby niece for the first time. We are having a nice time and she is a very cute and happy babe. I got to feed her a bottle and loved it. :)

No adoption news, really. We did get our first "scam" email from somebody who said they are looking for a family to adopt her baby. It was one of those messages with so many grammatical errors we thought hey may have been a Ni.gerian telling us we had inherited money or something. :) but in this one she was in the UK but from Cameroon, I think.

Hope you are all well! I got a few email requests to see our profile after leaving for our trip that I haven't gotten a chance to respond to, but I will! Sorry for the delay.

Sunday, August 21, 2011


My husband finished our adoption website this weekend!! Yay! We have been jokingly calling today our "launch party" and are enjoying the excitement that comes with feeling that much closer to our match. We shared a link to the website on Facebook, and it has been amazing to get so many wonderful and supportive comments from friends.

Our website will be linked on our attorney's website, and she also has her clients join one of those adoption profile websites. I don't think we really expect our match to come through the website, but it is exciting to think that you just never know how God brings people together :)

If any of you would be interested in seeing our adoption profile via our website, I would be happy to share it! Just email me a brief request at makingmemom@gmail.com.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cameras, etc, etc.

  • A couple of you asked how we chose our camera, and I must admit it was mostly a financial decision - so this probably won't be very helpful in "how to choose a DSLR." :) I knew we wanted a Canon because I have two close friends with Canon DSLRs who said that we could all share lenses/ flashes sometimes, so that narrowed the brand down automatically. Initially my husband wanted one that had video capabilities (he has done some video stuff before), but he wanted one that shot at 1080p (don't ask me what that is). The least expensive camera that had this was approaching $800 which was out of our budget, so we just decided to get the lowest model that had NO video since he didn't want the lower quality video anyway, and the price was a slightly more palatable one ($475). We settled on the Canon Rebel XS 10.1 MP, and are very happy we went with the least expensive one since we are just beginners. That said, ALL of the Canon DSLRs had excellent reviews, so I kind of felt like we couldn't go wrong.
  • I am having no buyer's remorse, and even my frugal husband is excited about our purchase! However, I am freaking out about how much money we did spend on that on top of a ton of other expenses that all seem to be happening at the same time. Doesn't it always seem to happen like that?! I guess we will feel like this all the more when we have the added expenses of a little one. But this is also why I am so glad we went with the least expensive camera ;)
  • My grandma got diagnosed with the early stages of Alzheimer's yesterday. :( She is almost 92, so I am not shocked that something negative has happened to her health, but it was still a surprise at how sad I felt at this news. It also made me terribly miss my other grandma who passed away 9 years ago. And since I have the camera on the brain, I realized that I'm also sad I don't really have any pictures of me as an adult with my grandma who passed away, so I am definitely going to take some pictures with my still-living grandma soon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Camera ready!

I have been dreaming of getting a DSLR camera for a while now. Conveniently, my husband sat on our point-and-shoot camera in June and broke the screen AND we are expecting a baby - two points that allowed us to fork over the money and get one.

I don't really know how to take pictures with it, but I am hoping to learn. And this picture to the left is by no means an amazing picture, BUT it was with no flash, at night, and only a lamp on. There's no way I could have taken a non-washed out photo with our old camera at night.

Among the many things on my "to-do" list before meeting our baby was to get a camera. I suddenly had this great urgency, because, well, we will only meet our baby for the first time once. The baby will only be one day old once. I will only hold my baby in my arms for the first time once. Suddenly time passing and my baby growing up became a looming reality, and I was already feeling sad that the baby we have yet to become parents to is going to grow up! And I felt like the only way to even remotely capture those moments in time was to photograph them.

So now I think we're safe to get "the call." I feel like a real "mommy blogger" with a camera I can now use to take pictures - despite the fact that my husband doesn't want identifying pictures on the blog...haha. (Don't worry, I will definitely post some pictures of our little one here!) Although I am a very beginning photographer so don't judge my lack of photography skills :)

Monday, August 15, 2011


My dad stayed with us last night on his way home from a trip. While we were making dinner, I showed him a photo album I had recently put together, as well as our adoption profile. He started with the album, and didn't make it to the adoption profile before dinner started.

This morning I came out to offer him some coffee or breakfast, but he declined and said he wanted to get on the road soon. He said he wanted to read through our adoption profile first, so I got it out again for him and told him I would take a quick shower while he read it.

Before I was finished getting ready, I heard the front door open and close. Tooth brush still in my mouth, I ran out to say good-bye to my dad. He turned from the sidewalk, blew me kisses, and waved. I was a little surprised he had left so quickly, but didn't think too much of it.

About an hour later I got this text from my husband:
I'm pretty sure your dad was crying after he read our adoption profile. He pretended to go get something from the car, but I definitely saw tears in his eyes. Love you!

The moment I read this, I started sobbing myself. I'm not exactly sure why. The only other time I can remember seeing my dad cry was when I got a huge award in 8th grade and he was so proud. Was he proud of us now? Was he sad for all we had to go through to get to this point, and that things haven't been "easy" for his little girl?

Probably both. Even as I type this the tears are flowing. I love my dad.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Random advice needed! :)

Decisions, decisions!

I feel like we made it through a lot of the bigger ones, but here I am trying to put together a nursery and I have realized just how much I don't know about being a mom and having little ones! And obviously many things are personal preference, but I don't know how to have much personal preference when I don't even know what to expect! :) So I thought I would ask you ladies what you would do. Mind you, these things are rather trivial, but we still have to decide about them, right?!

1. Window coverings. Our nursery room is on the smaller side (11'x9' I think), with a window on one wall, wide but narrow closet on another, and the door swings out onto the 3rd. This leaves only 1 full wall which I think we will have to put the crib on. Therefore, I do think something will have to go under the window (dresser with changing pad on top or a small bookcase). This makes me think it would not be a good idea to use long curtains because they would have to go behind some piece of furniture, so I started thinking of getting some black out cellular blinds like this.

We have one of these in our bedroom that came with our house when we bought it, and I love how easy they are to pull up and down. Plus, you can get one without any cords. The downside is that it's either blocking the whole window or up - you can't "turn" the blinds to let some light in. But the nursery is on the back of the house, so it would be ok to have it all the way open when we want to let light in. Anyway, I was thinking about getting that and then putting up a cute valance. What do you think? Would that block enough light for a little one napping? Does it sound practical, or can you think of a better option?

2. Fans. We live along the coast and it rarely gets hot. Nobody we know has air conditioning. However, we can have summer and fall days where it is in the 80's and the house does get quite warm. My husband and I have a ceiling fan in our room that we probably use 2 months per year when we are going to sleep, and on those nights when we need it we are so glad we have one. We definitely need a new light fixture in the nursery, so I am debating whether or not to put in a ceiling fan. Aesthetically a ceiling fan isn't the cutest, but it could be practical and useful. OR we could just get a floor fan for those random warm nights. I'm also trying to think ahead to when we may have 2 kids in there (hopefully someday!), and we would need bunk beds. Would a ceiling fan be a no-no with bunk beds? But it would also save floor space if we did have 2 littles in there. Suggestions?

3. Dresser. I am debating between getting a 3 drawer narrow dresser or a 8 drawer wider dresser that has small drawers on top and 4 wide drawers below. On the one hand, I don't think one child needs all of those drawers. We would have more flexibility about where it is placed in the room if it's smaller and it wouldn't take up a lot of the room in general. We could even fit it in the closet if we wanted to. We could eventually get two of these smaller ones if we needed more drawer space for 2 kids. My husband leans towards the smaller one, since he doesn't want to plan for what we don't have or don't know we'll need. On the other hand, I like the look of the bigger one and that it has small drawers for small things. We could grow into it. It would fit the changing pad plus a lamp. How much drawer space do you need? Do you put more baby/ kid things in drawers or hang in the closet?

Alright I think that's all for now. As I typed these out I realized they are indeed very silly, but if you do have any suggestions it would be helpful to hear them! :)

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Check check!

Over the last week we have been plowing through our homestudy. My husband actually took the day off of work today so that we could both get our physicals, get fingerprinted, and then we spent the afternoon filling out all the forms. Whew! Once we get the results from the TB test on Friday, we can photocopy this packet and mail it in!

We have out first meeting with the social worker scheduled for September 6, and she said if we get all of these items done quickly we could schedule part two for the next week (I actually just left her a message to schedule this). I know there will be time needed to process paperwork, write the report, etc, but we should be done with our side of things by mid-September!

So far this hasn't been as much work as I expected, and I'm excited we have so many things checked off of the list. If you want to see the details, feel free to see the list on the "Adoption Journey" page above.

Friday, August 5, 2011

I can't believe this is in my house!

Yep, as of today, I am the very happy, awed, excited, and incredulous owner of an infant car seat.

After my friend dropped of some newborn essentials on Wednesday, I realized the only thing I really needed in case we got a last-minute call for a baby already born would be a car seat. So I ordered one.

And now we are ready!!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Special delivery

I have the most wonderful friends! Ever since we told them we are adopting they have been so excited for us. In fact, four friends have been emailing about a shower for me! Eeek!

Anyway, this morning a friend brought over this special delivery:

I almost cried! A lot of the items are gently used that she passing on to me, plus some necessities she bought. She wanted me have some essentials in case we got "the call." she also made that cute pillow to match our nursery - aw! I cannot believe her kindness and thoughtfulness.


Tuesday, August 2, 2011


All right, here it is....the beginning of our nursery!

Paint is hard to photograph because it looks different depending on the lighting, but I love this color. It is Benjamin Moore #618 Robin's Nest (although I got it color matched at Home Depot). By the way, we got the "paint and primer in one" by Behr and I was a little nervous to try it. I had read mixed reviews online, but I have to say we loved using it and thought it was really nice paint!

Soon this completely bare room will be cute and baby ready. More pictures to come as we make progress.