Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Possible possiblities

In our two weeks of "waiting," we have already heard about a handful of possible possibilities - expectant mothers who have contacted our lawyer or we have heard about through some other source. I don't really know what to call it - they are certainly far from matches, and who knows how many of these could even be potential matches - but each one gets me so excited.

You remember the first one - the twins. I have not heard anything else about this expectant mom since our attorney said she was waiting to hear back from her, but this one showed me that there really are women out there seeking to make an adoption plan. Obviously I knew this, but this was the first one that could have pertained to us! And I feel like each one I hear about is encouragement to my heart that there is a match out there for us.

Our lawyer has told me about some that would definitely not be a match for us (one who did not want a Christian couple), could be a match if we were chosen, but we decided not to be shown (one had a history of serious drug use), and a few others that are probably not a good fit for us, but I loved hearing about all the same.

I think our lawyer likes to keep us "in the loop," and so far I like it. I do wonder if the excitement of all of these "possible possibilities" will wear off, and they may instead become difficult to hear about if our wait feels long. I figure at that time I can request less information, but for now I enjoy knowing that things are happening.

And you never know which one will be "the one." :)


Rach said...

Seems like your lawyer has a lot of contact with birth moms! Thats great. Hope a good fit comes along soon.

cjdubs13 said...

It is exciting to hear about possible situations. I remember each and everyone we were told about even if we decided not to be shown. My husband and I made the decision to not agree to be shown unless we were 100% sure we would accept the match as we had some things we decided to draw the line at. We knew that this could make our wait longer, but we did not want to get anyone's hopes up. Fingers crossed for you. You have the right positive attitude!!

Hillary said...

The excitement doesn't wear off, at least it didn't for me. Each update was encouraging, although the near-misses were a little hard. But just wait until you get the call that you've been matched, your life will never be the same. You will always remember every moment of where you were, who you were with, etc. when you got "the call".

Andrea said...

You can get "the call" at any given moment. How exciting!!!!

Praying for your miracle

A said...

that is awesome that your attorney has so many contacts!! praying your little one will be in your arms soon!!

Missy said...

This is fantastic. I would prefer not to hear about all the little possibilities b/c then I would obsess over them, but everyone is different. But it is really great that your lawyer has so many possibilities in the works. It is a good sign that your baby will be coming around soon.

The Reinert said...

You'll be in my prayers! I'm sure that one will come along that will be straight from God for you to parent! It was really nice to read that their are couples out there wanting to place their child for adoption. I might end up starting that process in a couple months myself and it was encouraging to know that there are couples out there who are willing to do that for their child.
Best wishes!

Britney said...

I love following this part of your journey. Not to discourage you -- but we had NINE leads before we met our ONE. None of them got super far down the process, and although it was frustrating each time one came to an end, it was nice to have some activity. SO i can relate to that. But, I have to say, it does get really hard with all the false starts. After the 9th false lead, I had to tell our caseworker to not inform me until someone actually wanted to meet us face to face. A month later, we met our birthmom.

Jess said...

Oh, the possibilities! :)

This sounds so very exciting. Any day now it could be. God already knows who your child/ren is!! And he/she is very likely already in the making. So cool, huh?