Friday, July 8, 2011

Met with our soon-to-be lawyer

After a few phone conversations, we finally met with the lawyer we have been leaning towards working with (and who called me about the twins a couple days ago). She is as knowledgable and personable as we have heard! I appreciated the thoughtful and respectful way she spoke of birthmothers, and she has adoption counselors that she always encourages them to go to.

She gave me a list of references, too, and after talking to a couple of them so far I do feel like God has paved the way so that what initially seemed like a difficult decision because very few agencies will work in our county, has turned out to be rather easy. One woman was super excited to tell me about working with this lawyer, and said that she had 3 friends who also used her and had really wonderful experiences! Another lives in my city and invited me to an adoptive mom playgroup next week! Yay! I know the lawyer would only give me happy customers to talk to, and I'm sure there are others who would have negative things to say, but the level of enthusiasm these women had in talking about working with the lawyer spoke volumes to me.

It was a great meeting and we feel that much more ready to sign the contract and write the check. We want to pray about it this weekend, and if God continues to lead us in this direction we plan to sign with her early next week.

Oh, and I also asked about the expectant mom with twins. :) She said she has not emailed back for a couple days, so we will see how it pans out. But she said if the mom is interested in making an adoption plan she will show her our profile! Clearly it's far from being a "match" but I'm just so excited that there could be a match out there somewhere!


Missy said...

Great news that is was a successful meeting!

Missy said...

Great news that the meeting was successful!

Caroline said...

Hi Hillary,

It's wonderful to watch you progressing with excitement on your adoptive journey.

I have no doubt you will be an amazing Mom. Your future child/children will be fortunate to have you and your DH as parents...I really mean that.


Caroline x

Heather said...

" but I'm just so excited that there could be a match out there somewhere"

there is no could be about it. Somewhere out there, there IS a birthmom waiting to finding you! -

KC said...

Wow, things seem to be falling into place. It sounds like this lawyer is a great fit for you and your hubby!

Melody said...

This is soooo exciting. I've never heard of an adoptive mom's playgroup before. That's awesome. I love that idea. I've been a part of playgroups and love them but never one for adoptive moms and kids. That is so awesome. Keep us posted.

Andrea said...

That "perfect" match is out there! Just BELIEVE and God will usher the rest into your sweet life :)

I could not be happier for you! I've watched 4 bloggie friends and 1 IRL friend receive their miracles and it has been sheer bliss. I'll forward you their blogs, as you may want to read and follow.

My heart is SO FULL for you!

The one blog that comes to mind is Katie's: When Hello Means Her story is tearful and amazing and she is a true inspiration and woman of God. I found much comfort in her words when I was in the deepest throws of IF.


Andrea said...

Here are other blogs:

Thoughts from a Blonde
Jennifer is so precious and she received her miracle baby with a call out of the blue one day, very quickly.

Walking the Journey
this is an open adoption and Beth is great!

A said...

so glad that you are feeling positive about this attorney! definitely keeping you in my prayers!!

Britney said...

I just can't help but comment on the completely different attitude and demeanor you have now that you feel you are on the path God has set for you. I'm SOOO thrilled for you!