Friday, June 10, 2011

My head is swimming


This week I made two spreadsheets that have helped clear my head a little. Can I just say how much I love spreadsheets?! They are so important in times like these!

My first spreadsheet has been to weigh our options between local agencies, out of state agencies, lawyers, and facilitators (which are legal in California). I think my initial desire was to use a local agency because it seemed like a more safe and secure option financially and emotionally, as well as to provide the best support for expectant mothers who are considering adoption. Of course, some agencies are better at these things than others - and no agency is perfect - but I thought that would best meet those two requirements. Plus, as a first-time adopter, the "all-in-one" structure of an agency and the potential for more hand-holding was appealing.

However, as I mentioned before, our county does not have many agencies that are licensed to service potential adoptive parents. I have been told by an agency that "California is different" in that agencies are not only licensed by the state, but also have to be licensed by the county. They can apply for exemptions to work with families outside of their service area, but two agencies so far have told me they do not have the man power and resources to do that at this time. I don't completely understand it, but it's not just a "get your homestudy done by somebody else" kind of situation, as both agencies just told me flat out they could not work with us.

I have found a few "local" agencies that we could work with, but our options are much more limited. Thus, we have widened our net to include out of state agencies, lawyers, and facilitators as well.

My second spreadsheet is to keep track of adoption professional recommendations and information. I have color coded everything into "positives" and "negatives." So far there is no "perfect for us" option, and we have to decide which drawbacks are less important than others.

I think I'm going to spend a little more time collecting information, and then we will make appointments to meet with a few of our various options. Hopefully meeting people in person and/ or getting more specific details that you can't glean from the internet will help inform our decision. We are praying for God to give us clarity!

6 comments: said...

I hope some agency stands out among the rest and that it becomes clear as you get more information. Thinking of you.

Jessica R said...

I'm so, so thrilled that you are feeling positive about this and that you are moving forward. You'll continue to be on my heart as you take this journey! xoxo

Rach said...

I love spreadsheets, pros and cons, and lists as well!!

Hope you find the adoption specialist that fits your needs!

Diana said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for you! :) xoxo

Veronique said...

Wow! It looks like so much work! But it`ll all be worth it in the end I`m sure. :)


slaintexas said...

We sound a lot alike as far as our research methods! I know once we started visiting various agencies, things became much more clear to us. We liked the first few, but there always seemed to be one or two things we didn't love. After a while, I thought I'd have to "settle". Then we visited the agency we ultimately chose. Within the first 30 minutes, we knew it was the place for us. I hope you have the same experience as you narrow down your choices. Working with an agency that you have total confidence in will really help smooth out roller coaster ride of adoption!