Wednesday, November 24, 2010

9dp3dt: Spotting

It started yesterday, actually. Just a faint, beige tint when I wiped. You would think I would have freaked - I hate spotting!!! - but for the first time ever the spotting brought me a small glimmer of hope.

I have never spotted while on progesterone before.

I have never spotted during an IVF cycle.

Different is good, right, when all the other cycles were negative?!

I have heard that spotting in early pregnancy is common.

And my b.oobs have continued to feel tender ... when that has always stopped around 6-7dp3dt before. Different could be good, right?

But spotting is scary. Spotting has always led to my period.

I have also had a slight crampiness and fullness feeling off and on.

But how many times have I felt all sorts of symptoms before?!

I'm sure my mind could come up with anything since I want this so bad.

But my mind can't make up the spotting.

Spotting is scary. It got darker today. A darker brown.

My progesterone was high only 2 days ago.

Spotting is scary.

Despite this crazy stream of consciousness, I am feeling calm. I have had moments where I just feel like I am pregnant - I don't know. I know I could easily be very, very, very wrong, but these moments give me a sense of calm as I wait until Friday.

If I don't get to post tomorrow, happy Thanksgiving!


Melissa G said...

Different IS good!!!!

Can't wait to hear your GREAT news friday!

Amanda said...

Spotting is scary... maybe good, but still scary. I hope it turns out to be good.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Kakunaa said...

Happy Thanksgiving :) It could be implantation bleeding, we can hope! Have a good day!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Your thoughts could take you anywhere, good and bad. But I'm with you on "different" could be good;)

Praying for you!!! Hope you have a Wonderful Thanksgiving!


RMCarter said...

I am happy you are calm, because I am feaking out for you right now!!! My experience is spotting a few days before test day is very good. :) I can not *wait* for tomorrow.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Mellow said...

Praying that different is the good we are all hoping for, for you. :)

kkasun said...

Fnigers crossed for you. I would think spotting is good, if it is something different than before.
I hope you find a BFP next time you test or if you can make it to the Beta!

Lisa said...

Praying that your 'different' symptoms are good "different'! I spotted at about the same time and am now 28.5 weeks pregnant :)

Ami said...

I know everyone is different, but I too spotted at this point AND had some crampiness, and I now have triplets. I am praying so hard that this is your happy ending!!

heartincharge said...

I think/hope/pray that this spotting is good. I think with taking progesterone your period wouldn't come. So this sounds like implantation!

Anonymous said...

I've been following your blog for awhile but have never commented. I am praying for you and am truly hoping that you get great news tomorrow. Just to let you know, I spotted at this point in my pregnancy also. Previously I had a miscarriage, so I was so scared of the spotting. But it turned out to be a perfectly healthy pregnancy. I think spotting is good!

Anonymous said...

Praying for good results for you tomorrow!!!
Spotting is scary....and so is the wait until beta.
Hang in there!

Jess said...

happy thanksgiving weekend. blessings to your and yours!