Sunday, September 5, 2010

I love weddings

We just got back from a beautiful and happy wedding, and DH & I have sadly realized this may be the last wedding we attend for a little while. We can't think of any friends who are engaged or soon-to-be engaged....which is strange after the countless weddings we have been to in the last eight years or so!

General wedding favorites:
*Watching the groom as he sees the bride for the first time
*Holding DH's hand during the ceremony and reflecting on our own vows
*The joy radiating from the couple
*The bride's dress!
*Catching up with other friends
*Yummy food & cake

How about you? Do you have other wedding favorites?


MsBabyPlan said...

I love weddings too and this year Hubby and I went to many interesting ones around Europe - from Italy, to Belgium and UK. You can read and see more on my blog :).

Kakunaa said...

Love the tears of joy, and the funny outtake moments :) agree totally with hubby seeing bride :)

Betty Rubble said...

This made me smile ;)

Michelle said...

You stole my favorite moment! I always LOVE to see the Groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time. It gets me every time! I also love the Daddy/Daughter dance. I'm such a Daddy's girl!!

Jess said...

These are great! You pretty much nabbed all of them I think! I think it's also fun to watch the ring bearer and flower girl. So cute! I haven't had any weddings to go to since January. Crazy.


Rambler said...

I like the moment they are announced as "Mr and Mrs. ABC".

And with Indian weddings, I LOVE getting the henna done and getting to dress up!

Rach said...

I'm a wedding fan myself.

Whenever I feel down, I always pull out my wedding album. Remembering that day makes me so happy!