Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Non-IF doctor's appointment

I had my pre-screening bloodwork done while stimming for IVF- they actually almost completely forgot to have me do it at all because my cycle started so quickly. (Which, by the way, is pretty ironic considering we did our first IUI without DH's bloodowork....and now we almost did IVF without mine!). Anyway, I didn't think anything of it because I thought it was just an HIV/STD screening thing and I was pretty certain I wouldn't have any of that. I've only had one sexual partner, never did any drugs, and have overall been an old-fashioned "good-girl" how could I get anything?

Well, somehow this good-girl has antibodies for Hepatitis C. My RE told me this while I was laying on table before our embryo transfer. He said it would not effect anything with our IVF cycle, trying to conceive, a pregnancy, or baby...but that I need to get it checked out. Since he told me it didn't effect anything that I cared about at the time (ie my embryos and hopefully an upcoming pregnancy), I didn't really think much about it. Plus, I have never been unwell or had any symptoms.

Near the end of my two week wait I did my first Dr. Google search and got a little freaked out. Apparently the vast majority of cases of Hepatitis C are I could have it the disease and not know it. It can lead to liver damage and cirrhosis of the liver. Seriously, I might have this?!?

I called my parents to find out if I had ever had a blood transfusion that I didn't know about (they didn't screen for Hep C in blood until 1992, I think). They are 100% certain I never had a blood transfusion that they knew about. BUT, there is the fact that I was born severely premature (at 28 weeks and weighed 2 lbs. 5 ozs....which was very small in 1981) and spent 3 months in the NICU. Obviously, a lot happened in that time that *maybe* my parents forgot about or didn't know about? Or maybe they signed a waiver saying the doctors could perform a blood transfusion if necessary...and they were never explicitly told that I had one? I did read that blood transfusions are fairly common in preemies. So maybe it's that?

Now to make a long story longer....I had an appointment with an internal medicine doctor today. I didn't get much info since I still need additional testing, but got lab slips for bloodwork that will determine whether or not I have the disease. She said about 20% of people will cure themselves of the, obviously, I am hoping to fall into this group. Although the Wikepedia article said this is actually very rare, but maybe her 20% included people who don't have it severe enough to need treatments?

I clearly don't know much about this, and am trying not to worry until I actually know whether or not this is an issue. It just feels so far out of left field. I'll keep you posted.

PS- In more exciting news, I have my follow-up appointment with the RE tomorrow and am hoping to walk away with a plan for IVF #2!!


kdactyl said...

Oh Hillary...
Sorry about the Hep C antibodies. That is just so weird, but I think you are on to something with your preemie status.

I look forward to the update from tomorrow's meeting with your RE. I'm very excited about your next IVF.


Ami said...

Hooray for the IVF plan! It's kinda weird to be as excited for someone else as I was for myself, but I genuinely am! I wish nothing but the best for you! And I think you're right not to worry until you're told there's a reason to! Thanks for the updates!

Amy said...

Hillary, I'm sorry about the Hepatitis C antibodies. That is scary and confusing I'm sure. I am praying that you are in the 20% of people who cure themselves.
Good luck with the RE appointment tomorrow and a new plan for IVF #2!

A said...

Oh geez, what a bummer about the hep c! I'll be praying that your body will take care of any infection! (I just about wrote 'injection'... haha!) Will also be praying that you have an excellent RE appt about ivf#2!!

Leah said...

Wow. . . That is all really crazy. And you were a 28 weeker? At 2.5 pounds? Wow! That is small even for today standards!

I hope everything checks out okay. I know a couple people with Hep C that were from blood transfusions and they are living wonderful lives. I of course hope you don't have it at all, cause really, you don't need anything else to think about.

c by the sea said...

my friend just had the same thing happen! what they've determined is that at some point she had been exposed but her body fought it off, so she has the antibodies but not hep c. hopefully they'll find that yours is no big deal too.

#2 is IT for you, i just know it!

Elle said...

Ohmygosh. How strange, what a crazy thing to be told! Let's hope everything's fine though, and your body has simply fought it off and you're good to go. That's what it sounds like. Good luck!

Kakunaa said...

Wow, that's some news right there. It sounds like you should be fine, though, so GL!! And GL tomorrow at RE!

Melody said...

Left field is right! That's really wild. I'm glad you know about it and can get the labs done that need to be done. Excited about the next RE appt and will be praying about the hep c thing.

stillwaitingformysunshine said...

Hi! Sorry to have not checked in sooner - I went missing during IVF week. Thank you for all of your comments!

I hope as I catch up on your blog I hear good news about the Hep c and your next IVF! xoxo