Friday, April 30, 2010

Monitoring Appointment #1

Sorry I'm late sharing the results from my first monitoring appointment - it was a very full day! But the first appointment isn't too exciting, anyway, so I didn't think anybody was waiting anxiously. :)

  • After two nights of stims, I had no follicles at or above 10mm (one at 7mm). Since it's still really early, this is perfectly fine according to my RE. From what I have read on the message boards, many people don't have much growth after 4 nights of stims, so I feel "normal."
  • This "normal" feeling contrasts with IVF #1, where after 2 nights of stims I already had two follicles at 10mm and 11mm. I'm no RE, but this seemed really fast to me and these two follicles became the lead follicles that were way ahead of the rest.... and really stressed me out. So maybe I'll feel stressed later over lack of growth, but for today I am actually really happy that no follicles are taking over and jumping ahead of the rest.
  • I started at 225ius of Follistim, which is the same as IVF #1. But unlike last time, he is lowering my dose earlier and I've already dropped to 175ius. Again, I'm no RE, but this sounded good to I'll be slow cooking some similar sized follicles rather than growing a couple super fast.
  • The RE and the nurse both apologized for the misunderstanding about my initial dose of Follistim at my last appointment. I also found out they were very understaffed for a couple days this week, and my usual nurse is visiting family in the UK for 3 weeks. This helped me to see it was probably just a bad and busy day for them, and extend some grace about that difficult appointment.
  • It was a beautiful day, and as I drove alongside the ocean the sun glimmered across the top of the water. They played a whole bunch of my favorite songs on the radio, and while I was driving home DH called me to say what a great day he was having at work. I felt like God gifted me with a good appointment and happy day, even down to the songs on the radio. :)
Until this monitoring appointment, I felt like I was really struggling to hope this cycle. That I wanted this IVF to work so much, but I didn't feel like it would. And the bad baseline appointment only furthered that - I just felt discouraged. But this one "good" appointment turned that around for me. On some level I hate that my emotions are so dependent on how each monitoring appointment goes, and as I write this I know logically I could be very down in a few days if the appointment doesn't seem to go well. But, I hope and pray that God gave me the day to jump start the hope in my heart and use it to carry me through this cycle.


Amber said...

Infertility, in general, is an emotional rollercoaster. It's hard to not base your feelings on how every appt goes. I'm just glad for you that it was one of the good days. And I know what you mean about the songs on the radio- it's like certain days are just made for me to enjoy!

A said...

So glad you are joining me in the slow cooking of follicles party!! Praying God will bless us both with babies from this cycle!

AplusB said...

I've always heard that slow growing follies are best. I think mine were around 10-11mm after four days of stims. Hoping this cycle brings great results. And, can I add that you are sooooo lucky to live near the ocean?! We have Lake Michigan, but it doesn't even begin to compare.
I know what you mean about emotions being dependent on monitoring appointments. Hope the hope keeps coming!

Kelli said...

Sounds like you're off to a good start! I love that you were filled with peace and hope as this cycle takes off! Praying for you!

Rambler said...

It's normal to compare the two cycles, but I think you've actually got some adjustments (for the better) because of what was learned from the last one.

Good songs on the radio always help. I blast them when I'm alone in the car and figure people are thinking I am some punk teenager! :)

Christy said...

I am here to cheer you on! I go in for my first appointment on Thursday and hoping to start my meds Thursday night! Praying that we both get wonderful results.