Monday, March 22, 2010

7dp 3dt: Perspective

I awoke today (after yet another dream) hoping to feel different. After all, today (10dpo) seemed like the day many people use a home pregnancy and get a positive result. I'm not testing yet, but certainly if I could test today I should feel something, right? You know, symptoms or something.

But I didn't. And I started my morning off sad.

I drove down to the RE's office for a progesterone and estrogen blood test**. It was obviously a quick visit with only a blood draw, and as I was waiting to check out I was sitting next to a couple holding their ultrasound pictures. They were happily talking to a nurse, and it was easy to figure out that they were expecting twins.

I congratulated them, and they told me they were a result of IVF. I said I was in the midst of an IVF cycle and hoped to be in their position in few weeks.

The husband then said to me (he said the actual letters): "Have you gotten your BFP yet?"

Oh my! This made me giggle inside - his wife must be out there in the IF blogworld or web boards, and taught him this most coveted acronym. But I don't think my DH would have any clue what a BFP is! :)

Seeing their joy mixed with my own giggles over the "BFP" comment lifted my mood. As I drove home from the RE, I had to sit back and get some perspective on this whole "symptom" thing.

First of all, I am not really a symptom kind of person. I never have any side effects from any medications (including the dreaded clomid), I don't have allergies, and I rarely get sick. I have no idea how I would feel pregnant, but I very well could be one of those people who doesn't feel the pregnancy side effects.

Second of all, it is still really early. I was talking to a pregnant friend over the weekend, and I asked her when she first started feeling any symptoms. She said, "Really early with this one." I thought I was doomed - she had symptoms "really early" and I felt nothing! Fortunately I was smart enough to ask her how early was early, and she said, "Oh, about 4 days after my missed period." Ah, yes....I'm over a week away from that.

All this to say....I don't really have any symptoms (except the PIO br.easts) and I am trying to be ok with that and not give up hope. Thank you to all of you who shared your own symptomless pregnancies or have similar "symptoms" to what I have helps me maintain my hope in these last days.

Before I sound like I have risen above the whole symptom thing, I do have to add that my br.easts seem to hurt more today. I think this is what has actually made me feel hopeful today. Honestly, I think my emotions and perspective are at the complete mercy of my br.easts. Lord, help me. :)

**These results came back "normal" and I am staying on the same dose of progesterone and estrogen. I didn't ask for specific numbers because I decided it would be better to not have that to worry and stress about.


Mellow said...

There were no real symptoms for me, except those from the PIO when I poas. I didn't really have any other than the normal PIO until I was 6 weeks along. Then I was so dizzy I couldn't sit without feeling woozy. :) That being said, try to hang in there. You are not alone, and are being prayed for! I hope you get wonderful news this week.

Leah said...

I didn't have symptoms until weeks after my BFP. I think it would be extremely rare to feel them before a missed period. An embryo takes a while to release hormones.

Thinking of you! said...

lol, my DH would have no idea what BFP stood for.

Anonymous said...

We didd't do PIO or even suppositories when I got pregnant--we did a 5 dpo HCG booster--at 10 DPO I tested BFN--I also had RAGING PMS. I was totally convinced I wasn't pregnant because I had NONE of the symptoms that EVERYONE says they have during early pregnancy.

Yet my beta was 81, and my progesterone was 174. That was so high the nurse was certain I would be sick as a dog but wasn't.

BOttom line--EVERY pregnancy starts and ends differently. It isn't over till its over!

Hugs--4 more days!

Amanda said...

I didn't get any symptoms until 15 or 16 dpo and I'm pretty sure that I had early implantation because my first beta was pretty high. Anyhow, my only real early symptom was going to the bathroom more which is harder to gauge anyhow.

Rach said...

I know everyone is different, but my sister didn't have any symptoms until after her missed period. Even then, it was just a "not feeling well" feeling. I dont think she even threw up until she was 12 weeks.

I'm so praying for you, I think I want this for you as much as you do!!

Courtney said...

Only a few more days to go! Hang in there. :-)

Anonymous said...

Good luck! I am hoping for a bfp for you! I am about two weeks behind you, and I have the sorest boobs ever from the PIO, just hang in there!

WantWait&Pray said...

I just wanted to let you know I no only had a symptom-less week leading up to my BFP, but I had a symptom-less pregnancy the entire first trimester. No nausea, no morning sickness, no cravings and not even sore breasts. So...though the "lack of symptoms" was a bit frustrating because I wanted to feel pregnant....I considered myself one of the lucky ones who was spared morning sickness. Lack of symptoms isn't always a bad thing! :-) Praying for you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Since I have never been pregnant, I am really no help in all of this. I am crossing your fingers for you and hoping for the best!

A said...

I have a feeling that I might be symptom-less for the same reasons you think you might be- I have had basically NO side effects from any of the meds!! I think it might take a ton of bricks to get me to feel a symptom ;-) I have been praying for you that your little ones have been blessed to stick around!!

Jennie said...

I'm pregnant now with my second child. This time around I had a feeling I was pregnant because I started having food cravings similar to my first pregnancy and an elevated temperature for more than several days. I got a positive on an hpt on 10dp3dt then my official BFP on 12dp3dt.

A lot of women have not symptoms. Don't read into it. Good Luck!

kdactyl said...

Oh the evil symptoms....they come and go or are absent completely! And they choose just the right time to disappear and freak you out. Yesterday was our 1st beta and I felt completely NORMAL all day while wiating for the number even though I had a positive HPT (okay...11 positive HPT's..ha ha). And...then the number came back as 95. Wow....but now today...symptoms back. Who knows what tomorrow will bring. Just hang in there. I'm praying like mad. Only a few more days.


Stefanie Blakely said...

I didn't test until 17dpo & honestly, I had no symptoms. After I got the BFP, I looked back and realized that I had been really tired the week before (I had gone to bed at 8pm sever nights that week- totally out of character for me) but I never felt anything during the 2ww that made me suspect I was pregnant.

I'm so hopeful for you!!

Amber said...

Pretty much the same thing for me as everyone else has already said. I didn't have any symptoms until 6 weeks, except occasional dizziness. I'm praying a ton for you this week!!!

Mrz. Hannah Myhre said...

Hi just want to say that I'm praying that those Precious Embryo's have stuck and are growing strong and Heathlty.

As for the "pregnancy symptoms".. DO Not worry too much about them. What I've found is that... "Every woman is different".

I did IVF/ICSI also.. During my
2ww after transfer, I didn't have many symptoms.. My breast were not very sore at all. The only thing I had that was differant was about 1 week past transfer.. I was needing to take a nap every afternoon because I suddenly felt extremely tired. I blamed that on the PIO Shot

I was pregnant though, Thank You GOD! It was such a blessing after going through "2" canceled IVF/ICSI cycles due to my stuburn ovaries not responding to the meds & we didn't even make it to retrieval both times. It was very Discouraging!!

Our 3rd attempt went Great! Turns out all I needed was much higher doses of FSH in the beginning of my cycle:)We Made it to retrival, did a limited Fert. 6 fertilized, we transfer 2, and 3 survived to freeze. We are Expecting our little miracle baby this June after over 2 1/2 yrs of infertility! What a Blessing!! God is SO Good!! We also will be going back to do a FET very soon after this baby is born. I feel I have to give my other 3 remaining Embryo's a chance at life:)

Sorry I've told you alot of my own inferiliy story.. Please forgive me. Before I end this I just want to say to Never Give Up!I know it can be SO HARD Sometimes. But God does have a plan for you, I'm sure of it!!!


gringa78 said...

I didn't test until 13dpo (8dp5dt) on my FET cycle, and I woke up crying that day. I cried all the way to the bathroom and all while I peed on the stick. I was so sure the cycle was a bust...but I was wrong. I am SO hopeful for you. Hang in there!

Shanny said...

My only symptoms were congestion and stuffy nose... nothing else that I can think of. To this day my boobs are not even tender, go figure! GL =)

Hannah said...

hoping & praying with you!

Rambler said...

Hoping for the best for you and DH. I hope the celebrating couple in the doctor's waiting room are you and DH very soon. Great sign!!

A said...

No 8dp3dt post?! I am praying that you're too busy celebrating :) (And, because IF makes us realize/accept two possible realities, I'm praying that if you are on the total opposite side of celebrating, that somehow God is holding your heart...)

Anonymous said...

I am cracking up over the guy saying BFP! I'm glad your bloodwork was normal and I think you have a great perspective on things!