Saturday, March 20, 2010

5dp 3dt: Imaginings

Last night I woke up briefly and thought I may have felt some ever so slight crampiness. I went back to sleep and dreamt that I woke up feeling completely nauseous, and ended up throwing up constantly in my dream. But I was so happy because I felt like if I was throwing up I must be pregnant.

This morning I awoke to not an ounce of nausea, and the crampiness was gone. I also felt like my br.east tenderness had decreased. However, after poking all day I think it has returned {but this may be due to all the poking}. Although one br.east feels more sore then the other?!

I did a ton of walking today - hopefully that's ok for the embryos. :) I had a great morning shopping with a friend and got some cute things for amazing prices, and then went to a beautiful wedding in the late afternoon. Weddings are such a profound, life-changing celebration and DH & I always leave feeling so blessed and thankful for our marriage, and today was no exception. The venue was an amazing park on a hill in our city that has views of the mountains AND the ocean, but we had to walk up quite a little incline to get there. Hence a lot of walking today.

After getting home and putting my feet up, I feel the slight crampiness again. However, it is so slight I would not even notice if I were not analyzing every twinge in my body. Maybe I always have this same crampiness but don't normally notice it.

Also, I was still pretty hungry today, although not as crazy hungry as yesterday.

***Disclaimer: Feel free to ignore my symptom over-analyzing posts. These are just my crazy IVF musings, and I love having a record here in my blog. But don't feel like you have to comment - I know there's not much to say. ***


Anonymous said...

I hope your symptoms, imagined or not, are because you are going to get wonderful news in a few days.

The wedding sounds beautiful.

Anonymous said...

it's impossible not to analyze your symptoms. seriously.

i'm soooo hoping you get good news this cycle :)


Anonymous said...

our cycles are so close so i'm reading along about your symptoms! i love it! i'm 3dp5dt so i think you're one day ahead of me. good luck!!!

SecretSisterhood said...

I had no symptoms prior to finding out I was pregnant... so you never know!

Amber said...

I still analyze every single feeling I have and try to decide if it's normal or not. (I'm 17 weeks along). Those symptoms can come and go and they're all so vague!!!

Courtney said...

Hang in there. I really didn't have any symptoms early on either. I hope Friday gets here soon and that you get wonderful news. :-)

Mellow said...

I think those of us who have been in your shoes, completely understand. :) Hang in there!

Mrs. Hammer said...

You have every right to over analyze and post your 'crazy musings' :) PUPO - remember.

Oh and when I was pregnant I totally had one boobie that was more sore than the other, I have no idea why but I did. AND I had weird dreams too aka my visit from Whoppie :) Hang in there, we're praying for you!

addingtothepack said...

PUPO -- analyze away!
Like the PP, I have also had one breast that is more sore than the other -- and one side of that one is more sore than the other. Who knows - pregnancy symptoms are weird and unpredictable.

sara said...

I love that you enjoying this special time! Enjoy/analyze every minute of's normal! I would do the same thing;)

Amy said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog. I do the Poke "Does it still hurt?" Move too. Tomorrow is my 3 day transfer and I'll be following your blog to help me find peace in a crazy time. I hope you have peace this week and all the good news you are waiting for.

Anonymous said...

i love overanalyzing symptoms - they're what give us hope - keep them coming!

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE weddings too!