Friday, March 19, 2010

4dp 3dt: so hungry

  • I have been ravenously hungry for the last two days. But especially today. No, I don't think it's a pregnancy symptom - still too early for that. So what medicine is this a side effect of? PIO? I read that steroids can increase appetite, but I finished my 5 day course of Medrol on Wednesday. Delayed onset, maybe?
  • In light of the above, I just scarfed down some chips with Tr.ader Joe's Queso Dip. So good, so not healthy, but I want so much more. I'm resisting by typing this post.
  • Tonight DH & I are going out to dinner for our date night. I can't wait for a yummy dinner. I think the Queso dip made me want Mexican food, but we had that when we went out last week... so maybe we should diversify.
  • I tested out the trigger shot today. I only had 5,000 units of HCG in my trigger, so I thought it may be out of my system by today, and it was. I don't know if I will test before my beta or not, and part of me is scared that I just set myself up to do so because I won't have the will power not to.
  • I feel like it's too early for any symptoms, but the fact that I don't have any symptoms has already made me feel a little scared. I have loved knowing that our beautiful embryos were inside of me, but what if this is just like every other cycle and ends in a BFN? No cramping, no implantation spotting, just random hunger that actually seems like the opposite of an ealry pregnancy symptom.
  • Overall, I have been SO HAPPY this week. And very hopeful. I asked DH if I am setting myself up for a huge disappointment by being so happy and hopeful, and DH told me to just enjoy it and not play mind games. But he doesn't know what the tww does to the mind.
  • I am thanking the Lord for each day I have with my embryos and praying he grows them.
  • I am still hungry.


Secret Sloper said...

I don't want to feed your mind fetus (as we call our potentially imaginary pregnancies on my message board) but my first symptom with my BFP was ravenous hunger, and it started at 7 dpo. I wasn't looking for symptoms at all, but my husband watched me eating dinner that night and could not believe how fast I scarfed my food.

I've got a good feeling for you.

Kaz and Amy said...

Don't let the no symptoms worry you...Keep trusting in the Lord and His plan. I'm praying for you...I hope you had a great date night!

Barb said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one with a ravenous appetite! I've been eating nonstop. Have fun on your date night! I'm praying for you cycle-buddy!

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I'm kind of a silent follower of yours.
During my second IVF attempt 2ww, I didn't have any symptoms at all. the PIO didn't even give me many symptoms. I just KNEW it didn't work, on 9 dpt I noticed some light spotting, and that had convinced me I wasn't pregnant, my beta was on 11 dpt and my hcg level was 265. pregnant with triplets. So symptoms or no symptoms amazing things do happen. keep your faith and keep your self busy! your in my thoughts :)

Hannah said...

Hoping with you!

Anonymous said...

Oh lord was I hungry while pregnant--and yes it is because of the progesterone--mine was 147 at BFP. My craving--TACO BELL--much like your queso and chips!

Hang in're almost to the finish line!

kdactyl said...

I so understand the neurosis of the 2WW!!! It is soooo unnerving...especially for those of us on meds that fool us into thinking so many things. Stay hopeful Hillary....nothing is harmed by it at all and God's plan is already in place.

Hugs and dailing encouragement from me.


A said...

OH, I am praying for you! Symptoms or no symptoms, praying that those little ones are here to stay!!

Anonymous said...

i'm hungry too...and i have no reason to be, lol!

as for staying upbeat - keep it up - keep loving those embryos...i can't wait for your beta!!!! xoxoxo

Al said...

hoping and praying that the hunger is great sign and this is it for you! Hang in there, i'm sure this will be the most vicious 2ww yet!