Wednesday, February 3, 2010

RE appointment tomorrow

A couple days ago I decided to make a consultation appointment with our RE. He's said that after three or four IUI's we should talk about IVF, but we haven't actually sat down and had "the talk" yet. I wasn't at all motivated to have this appointment until this week, and I can't say I am looking forward to it in the same way that I've looked forward to past RE appointments, but I'm glad it's here.

Questions I want to ask:
*What would you say our odds of success are with IUI's at this point?
*Odds of success with IVF and limited fertilization (important because we know it would lower our odds, but by how much)?
*I have found clinics that do "Mini-IVF" (with minimal stim drugs), and that seems like a good fit for us since we don't want many embryos anyway. What's his take on "Mini-IVF" for us? Does his clinic offer something like this (especially at a lower rate)?
*If we did traditional IVF, would he recommend freezing extra eggs? Does the clinic "flash freeze" the eggs? What have been the success rates with frozen eggs?
*What's my antral follicle count? My FSH was 9. What do those diagnostics mean for me/ treatments? Are those a concern for him?
*Should I get my AMH tested (although, honestly, that test and its potential result freak me out...and I heard it's expensive, so I don't know if I even want it...)?

Question for any of you
: Do you know of a clinic that offers "Mini-IVF" at a promotional/ discounted rate? We're willing to travel if the price is right. I know that, technically, it's not necessarily less expensive for them to do this, and that the actual monitoring, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer would be the same as a regular cycle (so the only "cheaper part" is less spent on drugs). But I have found some clinics that are offering "Mini-IVF" at a discounted rate (perhaps to attract business), but it is difficult to find many through a search engine. I'd love to have some clinics to compare, so if you know of any let me know! Feel free to email me at makingmemom@gmail dot com if you don't want to name a clinic/ your clinic in this public space. Thank you!

I should also add that, at this point, I'm not interested in "Natural IVF" (no meds) since I don't trust my body's natural ovulation/ hormone levels and feel like I am better off with the drugs. :)

In somewhat related news, I unexpectedly started my period today. Hello 22 day cycle!?!

So as it turns out, I will be on cycle day 2 when I go to the RE tomorrow. I wasn't expecting to do anything for the next cycle since we still felt so undecided...and we still very well might not...but it's a little tempting since it will be cd 2 anyway. We'll see - I have to talk to DH tonight.


Kelli said...

Good luck tomorrow! I hope you leave there with questions answered and a peace about making your next decision!

Life Happens said...

You have lots of good questions for your RE. After four cycles of IUI, we decided to move on to IVF (although we got pregnant on the fourth cycle of IUI). IVF has such a higher success rate.

I know you guys have big concerns about freezing embryos and it's such a personal choice for couples. On our first IVF, we decided we would freeze, but then we didn't have any that made it far enough to freeze. Then with this last IVF cycle we just did we prayed really hard about whether or not to freeze.

As it turns out, we didn't have any to make it to freezing stage. We both felt like if the Lord wanted us to freeze, He would have made it so the embryos would survive to that stage. He is ultimately in charge of all of this.

I hope the appointment goes well!

Anonymous said...
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gringa78 said...

Best of luck at your appt. tomorrow! Keep us posted.

Shanny said...

good luck tomorrow, hope you get all the answers you seek. My feritliy clinic in NY offers micro IVF for $3,900 FYI.
Thinking of you!

Anonymous said...

I realize your question is about Mini-IVF. My response isn't about that procedure.
In your situation, You may want to look into a guaranteed Cycle or your money back. You and your DH have been through enough treatments to know that having something like a contract in writing saying if you don't get pregnant and deliver a Living child with 4 IVF cycles you get all of your money back, would be a huge stress relieving mind calming experience. I don't mind posting the Office we used. Plus if you did Travel here you would enjoy a great vacation in Washington DC.

This is The clinic we used and My second cycle I was pregnant with Triplets. We lost one at 13 weeks, but I'm due to deliver my Twins any day now =)

Contact them, they will send you a huge booklet about their IVF Clinic. They also run classes not just for the meds, but for the refund program.

I hope I was able to help in some way.
Take care

Rach said...

Best wishes tomorrow.

Leslie said...

I hope that your appt goes really well and that your RE is able to answer all of your questions & help you determine the best plan for you. I look forward to reading about it when you are able to post afterwards.

Anonymous said...

We looked into New Hope Fertility Clinic...they are in New York, what turned me off (personally) was they weren't willing to answer any questions via email--I had to have a consultation with the physician--my question was regarding out of town monitoring...but you may find success with them.

As for the 3 IUIS--it took us 4 failures, 2 timed intercourse with injection cycles, and a laparascopy before getting pregnant at home with the use of injections with timed intercourse again--I'm a FIRM believer that the RE's say 3 because anything more is a drain on their statistics of bringing home a live baby.

Hugs to you as you make this decision!!!

The Swann's said...

:-) <--- That is me grinning from ear to ear reading that you just "happened" to get a visit from AF WAY earlier than usual... God thing? Gotta say. Makes me smile.

Google Dr. Peter Ahlering, SHER Institute in St. Louis, MO. I think it's as their website. They offer low stim. I am not sure of the costs... SHER has clinics in several places across the US so not sure which would suit you best. I know someone currently pg with a singleton who went thru it with Ahlering. They offer a free consult so it may be worth it. Plus we could get together! :-)

Al said...

Best of luck at the appointment! I hope the doc has some great answers to your questions and you get some resolve about moving forward. Can't wait to read how it goes.

Anonymous said...

I'm 31 years old and my FSH is 9.2. People with high FSH have problems producing a good number of eggs with good quality (i.e. ovaries not functioning properly and not reacting to drugs as much as they should). When I did IVF (a normal one) I was so afraid that the doctor would cancel the cycle anytime because I could not produce the minimum no. of eggs (around 5).

At last 12 eggs were retrieved. 3 were with bad quality so they could not be used. 2 embryos didn't survive. 1 embryo was with a very low grade and could not be used, 2 had fregmentation problems and could not be used (i.e. quality problem).

I ended up with 4 embryos out of 12 eggs retreived which is a very low percentage compared with people with normal FSH. 2 of them were transferred back on the first round and I am pregnant with 1 baby. When I want to have a 2nd in a few years, I really only have one more chance with the 2 frozen embryos.

I am a Christian too so I understand your struggles. But before you decide to do a mini IVF you may want to do more research on how high FSH affects treatments. Ultimately all the numbers are in His hands.

Leah said...

I'll be thinking of you today and praying all goes well. I pray you get some answers.

Hope Endures said...

Good luck at your appointment! I hope the RE is able to answer all your questions. Love that AF came early!! Let us know what the RE says.

kdactyl said...


I hope you get all your questions answered today. I think your unsettled feeling about stopping treatments is something you need to listen to. You will know in your heart when you are ready for the next step and consulting with your RE is just part of that decision making journey.


A said...

I hope your appt went well today- I was praying for you!! I am interested in any answers you received to your questions :)

God bless you as you try to discern His will!

Waiting said...

I have an award waiting for you!