Monday, February 15, 2010

Nurse consult and more dog bite drama

Today was the much anticipated IVF nurse consultation, and I was so happy to walk away with a tentative schedule! I'm doing an Antagonist-type protocol (although she didn't mention Ganirelix?) which is really short - my expected ER is around March 23! I'll add the tentative schedule to my sidebar. :) (Confession: I already looked at what my expected due date would be based on the ER date if the first IVF was successful...)

Other than that it was a pretty uneventful appointment, and I don't think DH needed to be there. We went over the fees (which I already had done), and then went over my calendar. I don't think DH paid much attention - it was probably almost like listening to a foreign language to him.

The bigger drama of the day was the dog bite. They had told us that dog bites have a high infection rate, and that even though DH was on a heavy duty antibiotic right away, to watch it closely during the first two days for signs on infection. Well, while were at the RE's this afternoon we noticed it was really red and swollen, and the area looked larger than it had before. We headed back to the Emergency Room around 4:15pm, and they took one look at it and said it was a good thing we came back.

Over the course of four hours DH was administered two different antibiotics via an IV. They also took an x-ray to make sure there was no tooth embedded in the skin (there wasn't). The red/ swollen area did not increase at all, but it also didn't get any better. The doctor said DH could go home tonight and then come back for another check-in in the morning, or get admitted to the hospital. We didn't really understand why he needed to be in the hospital, and she made it sound like she could get us in if we wanted him to be there...which we definitely didn't. If it doesn't look better tomorrow she said they would admit him to the hospital! DH also had a very mild redness/ itching allergic reaction near the end of the antibiotics, so he got a dose of heavy duty benadryl via the IV just before leaving. He's knocked out in bed already thanks to the benadryl.

We're praying everything checks out ok tomorrow and he doesn't have to get admitted to the hospital! It's funny because nothing about this seems "hospital stay" worthy, but we need to make sure it doesn't get serious I guess. Praying that the antibiotics do a lot of work overnight!

DH's parents are also freaking out a little about the liability of the situation, and they said that our health insurance company might go after the dog owner's home owner's insurance to cover these medical bills. But what if they are renters and don't have homeowner's insurance? At this point we're just trying to get DH better, and we'll deal with annoying insurance stuff later. *sigh*


オテモヤン said...


some how, some way, some day said...

All animal bites can be super serious! It was a good thing you went back. Hope all goes well and the antibiotics keep kicking in.

Betty Rubble said...


If they are renters they SHOULD have renters insurance--which also has a medical clause. If they don't then your insurance will cover and at that point you can go after them in a civil suit should you incur any deductables....but lets focus on happy things!!!

Ganirelix is administered later in the cycle based on E2 and egg size (the cycle we got pregnant I did this with IUI). So don't panic that she didn't mention it.


Leah said...

So exciting about the IVF appointment! And the antagonist protocol is really a great one. Very excited for you and this next step on your journey.

Sorry about the dog situation, and hoping your DH is much better today. Unfortunately, DH's parents are right. They may go after the owner of the dog and have to put the dog down. My dog bit someone once and that happened. :-( Hope it all works out.

Heather said...

Sounds like a great cocnsult!! You're on youre way!!

But I'm so sorry to hear about DH and the dog bite - I sure hope he's feeling MUCH better when he wakes up this morning and things are looking better at the bite site! Scary stuff.

Rachel said...

Wow look at the schedule! It will be beta day before you know it!

I can't believe this whole situation with the dog bite. Have you talked to the owner since the accident? I really hope that things check out well today!

andreajennine said...

Oh, your poor husband!

How exciting to have your IVF schedule! I remember the thrill of getting that calendar the first time...

Mellow said...

I am so excited for you to start your cycle! You seem like a huge weight has been lifted off your shoulders!

As far as your hubby's leg, it's very important to dad almost lost his arm after a cat went berserk! Will say a prayer for him. :)

Al said...

Oh my gosh, i missed your last post about the bite - what a valentine's day. I'm glad it wasn't worse, but i hope the swelling and infection look much better today.

Hooray for your IVF schedule, I'm so excited for you! best of luck!

kdactyl said...

Hillary...Glad to hear you have a will do your ER just as I am having my first Beta...there will be lots of prayers for both of us that week!

As for DH is in the insurance industry (specifically liability like this dogbite)...and...there is very little chance the medical insurance company will go after the dog owner. Usually it is the victim that sues for things like deductibles, time lost from work, etc. So...unless you and DH initiate it...your med insurance company doesn't have the resources to do that. So don't get too worried...your medical insurance will cover you no matter what...but you are within your rights to request reimbursement of any uncovered medical fees or lost wages from the dog owner. If you do sue for the full amount (including all medical costs to both you and the insurance co) would be expected to pay back your med insurance provider if you win a judgement.


Hannah said...

What a helpful comment from Kd about the insurance! That makes sense.

Sorry the dog-bite saga is continuing, but that's so great about your IVF cycle. My DH & I are just starting to research IVF and sorting out all our thoughts on it. Maybe I could email you if I have more questions?

Jennifer said...

Oh my! I hope everything is ok. I know that animal bites can be very serious. My mom's cat bit me when he was sick with cancer and I had a terrible reaction. I had to get on a month of antibiotics and also had a tetnus shot. My arm swelled up and was red within 1 hour of him biting me. Eeek! It is scary.

Glad the IVF cycle is sounding so great!

Caroline said...

Hi Hillary,
I'm sorry to hear about your DH and the dog bite. I hope he recovers quickly.
I'm excited to hear about the upcoming IVF cycle. My successful cycle was an antagonist one, and I found it to be much better than my standard first cycle. The OB told me that the antagonist cycle is shorter, and aims to produce fewer eggs (but good quality ones). It felt more "natural" to me, if you can describe an IVF cycle as "natural".
I'll be praying for you.

Rachel DeBell said...

yeah yeah yeah! I just feel like this is going to be it for you! So excited that you guys have peace and are moving forward.

About the dog thing...that is so crazy! My sister had part of her ear bitten off by a dog in pickup truck when we were kids. I don't know what they did, but they ended up requiring the dog to be put down I know. And she got a healthy chunk of money out of it too! (I was always a little jealous over that part). HOpe all works out!

One Who Understands said...

So exciting that you are so close to starting your first IVF!! We could be just weeks apart, pregnancy wise, if it works for both of us on try #1!

That is so crazy about the dog bite. Poor DH. I hope he feels better soon.

gringa78 said...

I'm so excited for you!!! You'll be in the 2ww before you know it. I hope your H's hand is better soon!

AplusB said...

So sorry about DH's bites...hope they get better quickly!
Good news about your consult! Things are moving forward!!! Yay!!

Kelli said...

Hooray for moving forward!! :) I really hope the antibiotics kick in and DH is good as new soon! Praying for you guys!