Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost there

Well, it's not quite cycle day 1. Despite my worries about getting my period on Friday, it's now late Sunday night and, despite the spotting and general crampiness, it still hasn't fully started! I'm 99% confident it will be here by tomorrow, which pushes my cycle day 2 bloodwork back to Tuesday.

I'm not sure if this little delay will push back the whole IVF schedule? I hope not, but I also feel completely confident it's not worth stressing over a couple days here and there.

I just wanted to give you all a quick update since you were probably expecting a slightly more exciting post about my first official IVF #1 appointment. I hope you all had a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

This is like the best part of the Little Engine That Could..."I think I can...I think I can"

Only we're chanting..."I want my AF...I want my AF"

Good luck!!!

Courtney said...

Even if it does push your IVF dates off by a few days or so try not to worry. Remember that God's timing is always best! I try very hard to remind myself of this anytime we have a little setback with any of our IVF cycles. It really helps to keep the stress at bay. I'm praying for you!

kdactyl said...

Can you believe you are actually wanting AF???? Funny how things change. And I also found it super funny that us IFers have to go on BC during Fert just seems so ironic huh? But..don't worry about a couple of days here or will all work out how it is suppose to...just relax and let the body do the work...

Oh..and I wanted to mention accupuncture to you. Have you considered this as an additive to your treatment? I have done it with all my treatments and it really helped me stay calm and centered. There are several studies showing it increases implantation and pregnancy rates as much as 10%. You may want to look into it...see if there is a practitioner in your area that specializes in this. I am lucky that there is one on staff at my clinic and he is awesome.

Yay for the first official week of IVF Cycle! Woo hoo.


Andrea said...

Hang in there sweetie :) This is a bumpy road, but one that I have great FAITH in being successful.

You are right, what is a couple of days....

We are just going to continue to celebrate this wonderful option for you. I am ever grateful for alternatives :)


Hannah said...

Hope to hear more about the start of the ivf cycle soon! That frustrating AF! :)