Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cycle Day 1 - Cyst Questions

Cycle day 1 today - glad it came quickly.

I'm trying to prepare myself for the fact that I will most likely have a cyst again and have to sit out this cycle.

Anyone else get cysts after every medicated cycle? Does this say something bad about my body?

Also, I've seen other girls take birth control pills when they've had cysts. Is there any advantage to doing this? One worry I have is that I actually still had a small cyst at the start of this last cycle, which turned into a dominant follicle so I only got one follicle. Are the BCP's more effective at eliminating the cysts? Also, if you were on BCPs for cysts, how long were you on them for?

If I don't have any cysts, it looks like our IUI part 1 would fall on Christmas Day if my body responds like it usually does. I would be so sad to have a cyst and have to sit out again, but I also just don't know if we can swing an IUI on Christmas Day. Technically we could, but the thought of explaining having a doctor's appointment on Christmas Day to my family who doesn't know much about our infertility is really unappealing. So I'm not sure what we'll do.

I also got sad as I counted ahead to our Januray cycle that we very well might be out of state for a wedding around ovulation time. It's hard to predict the timing that far ahead, but my body is fairly consistent. It makes me cry thinking about having to sit out two cycles.

As DH and I talked about the timing last night, he said, "Maybe it's time for IVF." Wow. That possibility has always been in my mind, and it has felt more and more like it could become a reality. But it is so daunting and depressing.

Sorry this post is such a downer - thanks for all you sweet encouragement the last couple days!


Anonymous said...

I got cysts also. Ask your RE about Metformin. It is used to treat cysts while you are using folli-stims. Good luck and I hope you don't have to sit this one out also.

Amanda said...

I took BCPs when I had a cyst, but it was more because I wouldn't cycle on my own and it was to prevent additional delays. I don't know that they really help to eliminate the cysts.

I would be wary if your clinic will do procedures on Christmas, I know that is one of the days my clinic blocked off ahead of time from patients. I know your male factor is significant, but you could do timed intercourse (you can still monitor and trigger if you want with those). I know odds would be low, but a more relaxed TI cycle might be a nice break if you can cope with it.

I hoping you have a cyst free holiday.

The Swann's said...

Oh Hun, so sorry darn AF arrived! :-(

I am one of the ones that gets lingering cysts every. single. cycle.! ARGH! So frustrating but then again, can those meds really be good going cycle after cycle??

I've always had the cysts disappear in the 'off' cycle. Some people go on BCP if the cysts do not go away within that cycle.

For the comment on Metformin for cysts, never heard of that... It is used for those with PCOS and the balancing of hormones lessons cysts for them but will have to google if it actually helps with cysts lingering after a treatment cycle.

Hopefully you'll get some more answers about treatments! Have you looked into micro IVF perhaps??? It's less expensive and may make it more obtainable...

I'll continue praying!

Nicole said...

I don't know anything about the cysts questions. BUT... if you're leaning towards sitting this cycle out anyway for Christmas reasons... maybe you could take BCP this month to both try and eliminate the cysts AND get control of your cycle and when you'll start next. You could add a couple extra days of active pills to push your Jan cycle back so you wouldn't have to miss it for the wedding. Just an idea! That way you only miss one, and it both helps shrink cysts, gives you a Christmas break, and allows you to cycle again in Jan. That's what I'd ask the doc about anyway.
As far IVF... I say whenever you feel like you need to move on do it. But have you tried follistim or other injectables to see if they'll produce more follies for you? I got hardly anything when I did clomid, but on all my IVFs I got TONS! I realize that IVF is way different, but you can stim similarly for an IUI. Ask the doc about injectables/IUI too.
I hope you can decide what's best for you and will make you feel good about it!! :)

Nicole said...

(not saying you NEED to try injectable/IUI first. just proposing an "easier" and cheaper solution to IVF right now)

Buck said...

The way it was told to me after I had a clomid-induced cyst is that the BCP was simply to make sure my cycle wasn't ridiculously long. On my own I tend to have 45-60 day cycles, so BCP was offered as a way to enure it would be just 28 days before I could try the drugs again. My doctor did not mention the pill having any effect of cysts. I think they just need time?

Sorry AF came. Hang in there. Thinking of you...

Anonymous said...

I got cysts after every medicated cycle, too. I think it's just how some women's bodies react (more follicles developing makes it harder for the ovary to reabsorb them all). I was put on BCP for the cysts one time (I think the idea is to stop the hormones that could potentially feed the cyst), but most of the time I just waited a month for the cyst to go away naturally. It always did.
I'm a little confused about your cyst turning into the dominant follicle. Did your dr say that? My understanding is that post-cycle cysts are usually a corpus luteum that filled with fluid. I wouldn't think a corpus luteum could then turn back into an egg-producing follicle.
Praying that you don't have to wait for too many months before cycling. I know each month looms ahead like an eternity when you've been trying for so long... but I can say from experience that those "break" months go by pretty fast in reality.

Shanny said...

I'm hoping that you don't have any cyst but in the case that you do, I hope it will only be one break cycle and not longer.
I have a cyst right now but I was so depressed when my last IUI cycle got cancelled that I walked out and asked no specific questions. I decided that the Dr was right and IVF will be my answer (I was pushing for a last IUI). That being said, I'm being put on BCP for 3 weeks as part of the protocol and I was told that the BCP will get rid of my cyst during that time. Dunno anymore. GL though!

Anonymous said...

Me...I have PCOS, and I respond too well to the meds, so I would ALWAYS develop cysts. So every other cycle I knew on CD 3 that I would walk out with a script for birth control and instructions to call when my cycle started agian.

The BCP worked every time...and I actually ended up with BETTER E2 levels after a birth control cycle than just an "I need a break" cycle....

Leah said...

I had a cyst once after a medicated cycle. The thing is is I'm guessing your RE's office does a blood test to test your LH. If it's low, it means the cyst isn't active and it's okay to start a cycle. That's what my RE said at least.

addingtothepack said...

I don't have much personal experience to offer on this one, but if you do have another cyst (I hope not!) maybe you should ask about going on BCP to help control the situation and to move your next CD1 to a point where your trip in January won't screw up IUI timing?

AplusB said...

I don't have any experience with cysts, but I hope you get some answers soon and make a decision that works for you and your husband in terms of this next cycle. Good luck, I am thinking of you often!

Melis.sa said...

i'm not really sure :(

Woot for your DH being open to IVF though. I think it may alleviate some of the pressure about IUI's being 'it'.

follistim wasn't horrible... ;)

Andrea said...

Hang in there sweet girl. I've not advanced to IUI yet, but it may be in my future...I will know very soon.

The feeling of missed opportunities is one that I know well. All the timing and planning is work, such work that we don't love, but have to do. A dear friend of mine is going through IUI and has the same issue with cysts, so don't feel like you are alone.

As for family, I know the feeling of explaining, it gets taxing, but these days I just put it out there in hopes of people being a little more compassionate of our journey.

All the best to you and I'm sending heaps of baby dust your way....and if you decide on IVF, I can give you a list of success stories. One of which I am celebrating 9 weeks of with a dear friend at this very moment!

Hugs and Love

A said...

I don't have any cyst experience, but I hope you won't have to deal with them again right now! I will be praying as you decide what step to take next. I sure hope God will lead you clearly!!

kdactyl said...

I'm not sure what your clinic protocol is, but my clinic considered 3 IUI's the max before changing to a new protocol...either an injectible IUI cycle or IVF. Considering your DH's male factor (his numbers sound soooo familiar to my DH)....I would think IVF with ICSI would be a great option for you. It worked great for us. I'm just thinking that going through several more IUI's with that kind of Male factor is going to cost as much as IVF where they can get the sperm right to the egg.

I know it is a lot to consider, but we gave up after 3 IUI's (and a miscarriage...and I had like 11 mature follicles on one of the cycles)....IVF worked like a charm for us. Just something to think about.

gringa78 said...

I'm so sorry about your BFN. ((HUGS)) I had a cyst every medicated cycle...they all went away within a month, and my body was ready to go for the following month. I know how frustrating it is...I cried the whole way home from the RE's office one day after he cancelled my cycle. Hang in there. I'm thinking of you.

Kacy said...

BCP's getting rid of cysts I am no help. Mine are like permanent fixtures.

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