Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I think DH has H1N1

Let me start by saying that he has not been tested for H1N1, nor has any doctor "diagnosed" him. This is purely my own non-medical opinion. But at lunch time today DH called me to tell me he was leaving work because he was chilled and achey with a fever. Sounds like the flu to me.

Before I sound like a hypochondriac alarmist, this is what I have heard: Doctors in my area are not usually testing for H1N1 unless things gets "serious," but one doctor told a friend of ours that anyone they have tested with flu symptoms did have H1N1. Apparently, it is the flu virus going around town at the moment.

Thus, I am guessing this is what DH has. Thankfully it has been a relatively mild version (so far). His fever was about 100 when he first tested, and as the Tylenol wore off it was at 99.7 this evening. He has chills, body aches, and a stuffy nose. He said the last time he had the flu two years ago was worse.

Overall, I'm not too worried. He called his doctor because he has asthma and this is a "higher risk" group, but his doctor said to drink fluids, rest, etc. and just call if he has any respiratory problems.

I hope the fever is not effecting his sp.erm. There is no way to know if it does or will, but I do wish DH would stop getting these fevers just in case!

One silver lining to not being pregnant at the moment: if I do get H1N1 from DH, at least I will not have to worry about our baby or be in the "high risk" group.

Do you know people with H1N1, or have you had it yourself?


Betty Rubble said...

My sister had H1N1--its no worse than the regular flu UNLESS there are underlying health problems--I'm so annoyed with the media perpertrating it as the black plague by its self!

Last year i had the flu--103.9 fever--trust me I was wishing for death! H1N1 won't get me!

Plus I was pregnant just 4 weeks later! I was certain the flu would do that in too! So don't loose faith!

Wait, What? said...

I hope DH feels better soon and that the virus isn't passed to you. I had the flu in May and was tested for H1N1 but the results were inconclusive?!?! I had a fever for 5 days and was achy, listless and the rest of it. Hopefully he will recover faster. I found Gatorade and Tylenol to help. Take care.

A said...

My 11-year old cousin had h1n1. He was pretty out of commission for several days (ate like 1 spoonful of ice cream the whole time), but he is better and fine :) I hope your DH recovers soon!!

Melis.sa said...

I hope your DH recovers quickly and is feeling better soon!

we just had the cold here a few weeks ago, but nothing serious.

Leah said...

I hope your DH feels better really soon!

Courtney said...

I hope your DH feels better soon and that you don't get it too! My boss' whole family had it a few weeks ago and I was so worried that I would catch it and have to cancel this IVF cycle. Thankfully I have managed to stay germ free..at least for now.

A baby for Al? said...

Hope your hubby feels better soon and you don't catch it.

My mom thinks she had it, but was never tested to confirm that it was H1N1.

entrusted said...

Our 5-yr-old nephew had H1N1 a couple weeks ago; he ended up in the hospital for a few days, but he's home and doing fine now. During its worst, he had trouble breathing and wasn't eating at all. Poor little dude! I was already planning to get vaccinated on the recommendation of my OB, but having a family member in town with H1N1 definitely added to my motivation. Thankfully, my OB's office got the vaccine in the very same week. Phew!
Hope your hubby feels better soon!

mybumpyjourney said...

I hope your hubs gets to feeling better soon. As a nurse in a clinic that sees around 30-40 people with flu-like symptoms I thought I would de-lurk to give my 2 cents worth. :)
We test for Flu A (not H1N1)- and it is going around like wildfire. Most all adults have no major issues- some even are surprised they test positive. Lots of water and ibuprofen to keep that fever down and keep those swimmers swimming!!!
I am wishing your all the best luck! Hope you stay healthy.

Mary said...

I'm so sorry, Hillary. I hope he gets better soon.

A friend and also a neighbor both had it. They said it was worse than the flu, but both made it through.

I'm sure you are taking great care of DH:)

Anonymous said...

Hope your DH feels better and than you don't catch whatever it is! I'm a teacher and some kids had H1N1 last year, but nothing big ever came of it.


Rambler said...

Thankfully haven't come across it yet, but they finally got a stack of the vaccine in town and are busy distributing it.

Hope he feels better soon and isn't out of commission for too long. :(

addingtothepack said...

I hope your DH feels better soon!
We have some flu going around the office, but of course the doctors don't want to see you unless you are seriously sick.
I hope you don't end up with whatever he has, too.

Kelli said...

Well wishes for your dh!

We had a flu outbreak at the school where I work and over 30 kids were out in one grade level one week. CRAZY! Now they're getting ready to give the nasal spray vaccine to kids whose parents approved it...this could get ugly!