Sunday, October 4, 2009

Protecting the 'family jewels'

Yesterday morning DH went to play soccer with a group of guys. He set off just before 9am, and when he hadn't returned home by noon I started to wonder if they were playing the longest game of soccer known to man.

About a half hour later, DH called me.

Me: Hi, how was soccer?

DH: I got injured.

----> My first thought: Crap, I hope it wasn't his tes.ticles. (I have a one track mind these days.)

Me: Oh, no! What happened? Are you ok?

DH: Yeah, I'm fine. Another guy and I ran into each other and his head busted my cheek open. There was a guy playing with us who was a doctor who thought I might need stitches, but I'm just leaving the urgent care and they said I only needed steri strips.

----> Whew, the goods are safe. And, of course, DH is ok and it doesn't sound serious. Relief.

Me: Glad you're ok! Are you on your way home?

DH: Yeah, I'll see you in a few minutes.


Today, DH was trying to think of something fun to do with his youth group guys tomorrow night. He ended up calling one of the parents and asking if the group could use their house to have pizza and hang out. I overheard the conversation, and could tell the mom offered for them to use something at their house that DH was excited about. He kept thanking her and told her that would be a lot of fun for everyone.

Me, upon hang up: What did she say you guys could do?

DH: She offered for us to use her hot tub! That will be a great night, all the guys hanging out together in the hot tub.

----> Red alert! Red alert! DH cannot use a hot tub under any circumstances. And he knows this.

Me: Um, you're not going to use the hot tub, right?

DH, after being quiet for a moment: No. But then what am I going to do, sit in a chair next to them while they're all in there? Maybe we just shouldn't do it all.

Me: Or you can sit on the ledge and hang your feet in?

DH: Well, I guess 8 guys probably won't fit at one time anyway. I'll just act like I'm letting them all have a turn.

-- --> Whew, problem averted. But then I started to wonder if DH would actually be able to ward off the temptation and not enter the warm goodness of the hot tub. Before our TTC days he always loved hot tubs so....what if he gives into the temptation??

Me: I'm sorry you can't go in, love. It sucks and hopefully in a few months I'll be pregnant and you can go in all the hot tubs you want to. But, please, DO NOT go in tomorrow. We'll probably have our IUI this week, and if you damage your sperm it effects us for 3 months!

DH made eye contact with me, and I could tell we were on the same page. He said ok, and I think he will do just fine tomorrow night.


Missy said...

Glad you guys are on the same page and that DH is not seriously hurt. I would have a hard time avoiding that hot tub too!

Anonymous said...

It's so nice that he and you are together on this. I would have had the same thoughts as you! lol During the winter, when my DH complains of being cold, he always asks for an electric blanket. I'll be like, "No!" haha

I have a question. I've seen something on your and other blogs that I was curious about. What does is mean when you interrupt a word with a period? Like above when you wrote "tes.ticles."

I'm just curious!

Anonymous said...

I audibly gasped during both of these conversations because I so get them!

Have you "converted" his underwear yet? Thats when you really know your on the other side!

MK said...

Your husband sounds like a sweetie. :)
And I have to say, I would have had the exact same thoughts as you regarding the injury and the hot tub.

I'm so hopeful for your IUI this cycle!

Mrs. Hammer said...

Way to look out for the family! Hammer made me do the same thing tonight. We were hanging out with our bible study group which was actually a fun cookout night. The guys decided that they wanted to go smoke cigars. Fortunately as I was begining to panic Hammer came in to hang out with the ladies so he wouldn't be around it at all. What sacrifice. said...

Thank God he's okay!!

lol, isn't it funny how stuff changes for the sake of ttc? i'm usually making sure my dh takes his daily vitamin and getting enough vegetables ;)

also, i left you an award :)

Kelli said...

Whew! Glad he's good to go! :)
I know it's tough for him to have to avoid the hot tub, but just remind him that it will totally be worth it soon!!! Fingers crossed for a successful IUI!!

A baby for Al? said...

Sounds like a great husband, he knows how important this is. It stinks that we all have to be so cautious of everything while trying. I miss just being able to live and be carefree.

Good luck with the IUI!!

Life Happens said...

Glad to hear he's okay. I have an award for you on my blog.

I hope you have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Oh the things that we infertiles think about!

Glad you averted the disaster. ;)