Thursday, October 8, 2009

Part 1: Success

So you know how yesterday I said I would be happy if DH had at least 2 million sperm post-wash? As I went to bed last night I realized that was quite low, and that I was setting that parameter to protect myself so that I would not be disappointed at today's IUI. I actually thought 2 million post-wash was unlikely and we would have much better than that, since DH's counts have always been good and his total motile number have been decent.

Today's post-wash IUI numbers were 5.5 million with 53% motility, grade 2-3 progression. And although it is above the 2 million cut off I set, that was much lower than I was expecting. Statistically, the odds are certainly not in our favor with numbers like that.

BUT, I did not feel anxious or scared. Praise God for the grace he has shown me in helping me to trust him! And as we heard those numbers, I knew that God is in control of every detail, including post-wash sperm counts. And we have been blessed with a cycle has gone so well thus far - who am I to complain? This is a far greater chance than we have ever had any other cycle, so I am rejoicing in the fact that we get to do these IUI's!

And our RE was so reassuring! He said he believes we will get pregnant and that IUI is a good route for us at this point, but that it may take a few tries. He said he has seen dozens of IUI successes with numbers like ours, and the lowest sperm count he ever had a positive on was 700,000. So we are trusting him and remaining hopeful.

After the IUI was complete, the RE left the room to let me lay on the table a few minutes and then get dressed. As I laid there, I stretched out my hand to hold DH's in mine. I asked him to pray, and as he did tears streaked down my face. Happy, relieved, and hopeful tears mixed with all of the pain and waiting of these past 18 months. Good tears that felt like part of the prayer.


Just for my record-keeping - and any other MFI ladies out there who may find this helpful - I want to record DH's actual numbers:

Count: 12 mil/ mL
Motility: 23%
Progression: 1-2
Volume: 3 mL
Total-motile: 8.28

Count: 5.5 mil
Motility: 53%
Progression: 2-3

We get to do another IUI tomorrow. I have read that some studies do not show a much greater chance of success with more than one IUI per cycle, but I'm glad we are doing a second one. In my mind, we might get to double the amount of sperm we have in there to fertilize an egg or two!


Rachel said...

Keep your head up. Those numbers are fine. It just takes one!

Lin said...

That's great news! I know the numbers aren't what you were hoping for, but I think they're great! Glad that IUI #1 is behind you...on to #2 tomorrow!

Thanks, too, for sharing DH's numbers. That really is a huge help to me since we're dealing with MFI, too. Do you mind me asking what DH's morph is? I'm guessing that morph isn't an issue for you guys, but I'm just wondering what range you're in considering that you're doing IUI vs. IVF. We're hoping the RE tells us something similar later this month!

Good luck! FX!

Kelli said...

God is totally in control of post-wash sperm count! He even knows which little spermie is going to get the job done! Hoping tomorrow goes smoothly, too! xoxo

jeanna said...

Saying prayers for you tonight and tomorrow! GL honey!!

Angie said...

So happy you were at peace today and things went well! Good luck tomorrow!

Just FYI for the future (because you won't need it this time!). Our RE allowed us to cryo a sample and combine it w/ a fresh sample to increase counts. We only did 1 IUI and it didn't work, but it helped us feel better about our chances.

Oh and BTW, thanks for sharing the #'s ~ you know those of us dealing with IF are all about the numbers! :-)

A said...

I am so glad you felt peace today!! I am praying so hard that these cycles will be the ones that launch happy and healthy pregnancies for us, but God is totally in control :) I'll pass along this comment from my friend T yesterday: "Keep in mind that even if God closes a door it's because He has something better in store for you!"

Lin said...

Thanks for the info on my blog. I've read some mixed info about the importance of morphology, too. I'll be interested to hear what our RE thinks. So far the OB/GYN and uro have said it's a dealbreaker. Hopefully the RE will have a different opinion!

Good luck in the morning! :-)

Mary said...

This is all wonderful news, girl. I'm glad that you are doing double iui's too. This is amazing!!

Jess said...

You are so right-God is in control! The odds are not in your favor but God is and what more do you need besides that? I know he will give you the gift of Motherhood! Unfortunately you (and me) have to wait for his timing and I'm praying that his timing is now! Good luck and I'm sending a ton of prayers your way!

Courtney said...

Awesome news, girl! God is totally in control and I know he has great plans for you and your family! Still praying for you!

Betty Rubble said...

You go girl! Remember, it only takes 1...and I'm not talking in the millions!

Life Happens said...

Saying lots of prayers for you guys. God is in control! Just keep believing!

A baby for Al? said...

Great news, good luck! said...

Woot woot!! Good luck tomorrow!! Keeping you in my prayers for a successful IUI & healthy Pregnancy!!

Tabitha said...

Praying for you darling!

hopefuls #1 said...

IUI's are such mind games... keep a positive outlook.

Michelle said...

Nice numbers! So happy for you. Thanks for the MFI information.

WantWait&Pray said...

GREAT news! Best of luck...I'm praying for you!

entrusted said...

Glad to hear it went well!


Jendeis said...

Wonderful news! Praying for you guys!

finding_ac said...

thats just like God isnt it? you are hoping for 2 and he actually gives you 12, even though you only can use 5.5...God wants to show you that he was serious about letting your "cup runneth over"

good luck!

♥ ac