Friday, September 4, 2009

Less than a week

In less than one week we will be meeting with the new RE. I am excited and hopeful but trying to remain cautious.

I was so excited for our first RE appointment with the old one back in April. I was SURE he would have some helpful information, do the usual testing, and give us a treatment plan. However, at our first appointment he didn't really have much to say, but got us set up for testing. I figured we had to do the testing for him to see the big pictures of our fertility issues, but THEN he would lay out our options and his recommendations. (I was wrong)

However, he called on cycle day 3 and said we should move forward with a clomid / IUI on that day. After I pressed for information, he made it sound like this would be another 'test' to see how DH's sperm did post-wash. But I still felt a little lost -- what was the plan? What was he looking for and expecting? (Another red flag)

This lost and confused feelings escalated during the cycle. I felt like I never got any clear information from anyone at his office, and started to feel like it wasn't just that they weren't communicating with us, but that maybe they really didn't have a plan for us. (All alarms were going off and we jumped ship)

So now it's onto a new RE, but after my previous experience I am trying to tread carefully. I so badly want to walk in there, love him and the office, and move forward immediately. However, DH & I have discussed that we want to carefully weigh our first impressions and ONLY move forward with this new doctor if we feel 100% sure about it. If not, we will set up another consultation with another doctor. Now that we have some experience with an RE under our belt, I think we will be more confident to make that kind of call after the first meeting. We have seen some of the warning signs and red flags.

I am scared we will have to wait even longer if this new RE isn't "the one." I want to do another treatment cycle right away. I know in the big picture these few months of waiting will be worth it to find the right doctor for us, but it is a struggle to keep waiting.

But please, oh please, let this RE be wonderful.

PS- Currently on cycle day 19. Still spotting. No ovulation in sight.


A said...

This thought just popped into my head- have you taken a PG test? What if you're PG right now! Are your temps still up?

Will be praying that the new RE will care for you carefully and compassionately!

Anonymous said...

I think that you are being VERY wise in weighing your options and your doctors. I think we all rush into our first appointment looking for the knight in shining armor. You are NOT alone!


Mrs. Hammer said...

You are doing the right thing by treading carefully. Even if finding another RE is a delay you will be in better hands in the long run. You need to have a good team, it's not just about doing a treatment.

P.S. I got the book yesterday just in time for our vaca!

P.S.S. Grrr to continued spotting, please stop so Hillary can have a break!

Courtney said...

I will be praying for you! I really hope that this RE is the one! Good luck next week and keep us posted.


Anonymous said...

I pray that this RE turns out to be a good one, and that you have a clear direction and a sense of peace when you leave the first appointment.

MK said...

Oh I hope this RE is the one! Can't wait to read your update in a week! :)

'Murgdan' said...

I hope you get more answers this time...I'm sure you will. Good luck.

Kacy said...

All the best of luck going into this meeting. I can understand how it might be nerve racking to make a change.

Kelli said...

I am so hoping this new RE is exactly what you are looking for! :) said...

i'm sorry that you're still spotting!! uhh!!

I hope the RE has a plan and looks over all of your & your dh's earlier tests. Honestly my RE overloaded me with info and answered almost all of my questions before i asked them.

I hope this RE is 'the one' :) HUGS

jones said...

I hope that this dr. will listen. (and have the answers ;)) Have a wonderful holiday weekend and maybe the spotting will take a vacation as well.

Anonymous said...

i really hope this is "the" one!!! :) xoxo